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by ChillyBilly at 1:03 AM EDT on October 13, 2019
@blood_falcon: I guess I can give the PC version of Burst a look sometime. Can't really guarantee exactly when, but I'll see what I can do.

In the meantime, here's my weekend quota:

Beats Runner

Dyna Bomb

Galaxy Champions TV

Hyperforma (This one had quite a few files to go through..., and I think I may have overlooked an sfx file or three during the ripping process. And in case I did, I apologize!)

Jinrui no Minasama e

Ninja Box

Oh!Edo Towns

Paperbound Brawlers


Reptilian Rebellion



Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder

Slam Land

Smashing the Battle

Spooky Ghosts Dot Com

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax

Throne Quest Deluxe

Ultimate Runner

Ultra Hyperball


Wand Wars
by MurraySkull at 2:36 PM EDT on October 14, 2019
Would really like the demo soundtrack for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020.
by bxaimc at 10:43 PM EDT on October 14, 2019
We....have it mostly complete. There are a few tracks that don’t have names for some reason, blame Sega.
by bxaimc at 3:20 AM EDT on October 17, 2019
Here's an interesting one:

Little Town Hero (2019-10-16)(Game Freak)[Switch]
by ChillyBilly at 2:21 PM EDT on October 17, 2019
^Oh yeah, Toby Fox did the soundtrack for that one, right? In any case, I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks for this (as well as the new Mamotte Knight.... you can never have too much Yuzo Koshiro)! :)
by bxaimc at 11:31 AM EDT on October 18, 2019
here's another one

Ring Fit Adventure (2019-10-18)(Nintendo EPD)(Nintendo)[Switch]

edited 11:31 AM EDT October 18, 2019
by ChillyBilly at 10:22 PM EDT on October 18, 2019
Here's a little something:

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

^LOL, BX is probably gonna kill me for not organizing this one properly (there.... may be a few dupes mixed in there). These didn't have accompanying ACB files though, so I sorta had to dive into this one blind, heh. Anyway, might have a more sets up soonish, we'll see!
by bxaimc at 11:39 PM EDT on October 18, 2019
by Knurek at 12:29 AM EDT on October 19, 2019
Listen, if you have the time to write a message like that and upload the set to your cloud, you also should be able to spare 5 minutes of your time to properly clean the set.
It's not rocket science, really. There are tools that let you do it quite easily. No need to drive bx to the brink of a mental breakdown.
by ChillyBilly at 12:40 AM EDT on October 20, 2019
@Knurek/BX: Believe you me, the last thing I want is to give you guys a headache (I don't envy the herculean task you guys have overlooking all those sets), but the sad truth is that I don't always have enough time on my end to organize these sets as thoroughly as I'd like. Sure, I could just skip uploading the problematic ones altogether (and I sometimes do), but I guess I strongly feel that at least posting something is better than posting nothing at all, even if the end result comes out a little sloppy. That being said, I'll try to be more careful in the future.

And with that being said.... well, I brought up Digimon in the vgmstream thread. The only other set I have now is this:

River City Melee Mach!!

^Some pretty fun tunes to be had! Until next time!

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