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by tRAIlOst at 8:34 PM EST on March 6, 2020
Would anyone be willing to rip the DLC music from SD GUNDAM G GENERATION CROSS RAYS?
by ChillyBilly at 3:45 AM EDT on March 9, 2020
New week, new sets:


Amoeba Battle: Microscopic RTS Action

Avenger Bird

Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly

Bash the Bear


DanMachi de Shooting wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (Another neat arcade-style soundtrack!)


Devil Kingdom

Dude, Stop

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ (Due to the nature of this game, the sound technically contains more samples than actual full-blown tracks... just a heads-up!)

Ibb & Obb (Found this set's tracks rather lovely, myself ;))


King Lucas

Milo's Quest

Murder By Numbers (Saw the PC version was already done, but here's the Switch one, anyway! Awesome soundtrack for sure!)

No Time to Relax


The Story Goes On

Touhou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax

Tower Inferno

Catch ya later, guys!
@ChillyBilly, Can I request Travis Strikes Again rip for PS4? by blood_falcon at 9:57 PM EDT on March 14, 2020
Bro ChillyBilly, as the title stated, can I request a rip of Travis Strikes Again for PS4?

It has the complete OST along with DLC. The one in main page is only for Switch and has no DLC rips on it.

If you do not have the PS4, you could also use the DLC from Switch version. It has around 20 new additional tracks

Thank you for at least considering this.

edited 9:58 PM EDT March 14, 2020

edited 11:24 PM EDT March 14, 2020
by ChillyBilly at 4:40 PM EDT on March 15, 2020
@blood_falcon: I'll see about the NMH DLC if I get the chance. Same with Burst PC (no, I didn't forget ;)).

Anyhoo, with all the mania going on right now, this was the only set I could complete at the moment:

Vitamin Connection

^It's WayForward, so quality can be expected! I should have more stuff ready soonish, hopefully.
by bxaimc at 4:15 PM EDT on March 17, 2020
Animal Crossing - New Horizons [Atsumare Doubutsu no Mori] (2020-03-20)(Nintendo EPD)(Nintendo)[Switch]
by ChillyBilly at 1:13 AM EDT on March 22, 2020
Okay, more stuff:


BE-A Walker

Dear Magi: Mahou Shounen Gakka

Doraemon: Nobita no Shin Kyouryuu

Explosive Jake

Frozen Friends



I Am Ball

Madoris R

MX Nitro: Unleashed

Neon City Riders

Save me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako-San

Skull Rogue

A Street Cat's Tale

Touhou Gensou Mahjong (Not playable at the moment as the files are encrypted. But I'll post this here anyway since the situation will hopefully change soon!)


^Not sure if I'll be able to gather as many sets by the time of my next post, but we'll see!
by banshiryuu at 4:52 AM EDT on March 22, 2020
Just wondering if it'd be possible to get rips of the games Sky Ride and Flip Over Frog, they're pretty old by now but they're both scored by Hayato Asano so I'm really curious as to what hidden bangers are in there! Was glad to see Goonya Fighter has been ripped and is definitely a tasty OST, and more Asano never hurt anyone ;)
Animal Crossing New Horizons SFX by jackskellinghog at 3:31 PM EDT on March 23, 2020
I feel like a total noob, but I'm having trouble extracting the SFX BARS archives.Can anyone point me the right way.
by bxaimc at 1:27 PM EDT on March 26, 2020
Panzer Dragoon - Remake (2020-03-26)(MegaPixel Studio)(Forever Entertainment)[Switch]

Bravely Default II Demo (2020-03-26)(Team Asano, Claytech Works)(Square Enix, Nintendo)[Switch]

Good Job! (2020-03-26)(Paladin Studios)(Nintendo)[Switch]


edited 2:51 PM EDT March 26, 2020
by marcusss at 6:59 PM EDT on March 26, 2020
@ bx : Does panzer dragoon remake have different or better music than the original?


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