Porting N64 audio SDK to PC by derselbst at 8:37 AM EDT on August 10, 2017
I pretty like the way SGI designed the synthesizer of the N64. I want to make N64's libnaudio work on PC, hoping to reproduce OST (favorably from RARE games) accurately but in higher quality, allowing use of midi track loops, muting channels + multichannel rendering.

Has this already been done? Is it possible at all? Any other comments?
by datschge at 6:47 PM EDT on August 11, 2017
N64 has no synthesizer, or any audio processor, at all. All audio is done in software (and to improve the quality one would need to rewrite or reimplement that).
by derselbst at 3:51 AM EDT on August 12, 2017
I meant software synthesizer, sry. And yes specifically the resampler will probably need to be reworked.

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