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by (!!!!!) at 9:20 PM EDT on August 14, 2017
@starly396 Unfortunately the most likely low quality audio from a gamerip will still trump the vinyl since it's not a complete soundtrack. "The Sonic Mania LP features 16 new tracks selected by composer Tee Lopes" -from data discs' site.
by starly396 at 1:00 AM EDT on August 15, 2017
@!!!!! Ah, that's a shame! (Nice to see you here)

EDIT: I listened to YouTube snippets that have been uploaded, and the quality isn't fantastic. I wonder if the PC version will improve anything...

edited 1:23 AM EDT August 15, 2017
by bxaimc at 10:32 AM EDT on August 15, 2017
If it's vorbis, I highly doubt that would be the case.
by Knurek at 2:53 PM EDT on August 15, 2017
Uh oh, filesize for all three console versions is ~300 MB.
They might have opted for an FM Synth, instead of streamed tracks.
by soneek at 5:24 PM EDT on August 15, 2017
Definitely gonna be waiting for the PC version. There's no Switch exploit on the latest firmware yet, and you need to be updated to access the eShop. Sonic Mania is digital only, so it doesn't work in our favor.
by (!!!!!) at 5:50 PM EDT on August 15, 2017
@bxaimc I do expect horribly low quality vorbis like Sonic CD, I meant it would trump the vinyl due to it being more complete. The 16 track limit is less then half the music in the game. Fingers crossed for a complete CD/flac digital OST.

@Knurek Songs have FM synths mixed in with sampled instruments to give a retro 90s vibe but its definitely streamed. Filesizes don't bode well in terms of asset quality. (PS4 = 199MB, X1 = 108MB and Switch = 186MB) I'm sure the FMVs like the game's opening, ending for each characters take a large chunk if not most of that space.
by JudgeIto at 9:01 AM EDT on August 16, 2017
lol the people vouching for *chan owners itt

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