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by Vector Harbor at 1:38 PM EDT on September 2, 2017
Ok, my bad for the mirage saloon act 1 & the lava reef act 1 but for some odd reason if you set the loop end before the loop start it won't work properly and you have to replace the file (no idea why you have to replace the old one but that's how i manage to that) that's why the egg reverie boss have a bad loop. I've updated the link in my previous post. Thanks for the report.
by soneek at 5:14 PM EDT on September 2, 2017
@Jeff, nice job man. Feel free to join at Smash Custom Music once I have the site rebuild completed.

@Vector, yeah, just be careful with that for games the use looping OGG. They could all work a little differently too with the comments they use to parse the loops.

One of the guys at Sonic Retro found the instruction for BlueSpheresSPD's loop point after I posted the list. I was off by 50 samples versus what they hardcoded into the game. Only just over 1 ms, but I'm still annoyed lol.

Music Mods in Sonic Mania

edited 5:22 PM EDT September 2, 2017
Yay by JeffMakesGames at 5:37 PM EDT on September 2, 2017
@soneek I will consider it.

I take it most of us here probably upload music to YouTube anyway, yeah?

I saw someone over at Sonic Retro say that RubyPresence.ogg (Eggman's boss music 1) loop point was 198457 samples (0:04.500), but that is off by 2 seconds.

I have it down as 282240 samples (0:06.400).

by soneek at 5:51 PM EDT on September 2, 2017
YouTube uploads are a byproduct. The main thing is music formatted to place into games for modding purposes.

Those loop points are from the game's files, but a lot of the time, even the developers won't loop things properly. Most, if not all of the sets on JoshW's site use the game's original loop points, mainly for preservation purposes.
Indeed by JeffMakesGames at 6:06 PM EDT on September 2, 2017
I know what you mean by that. I think Time Crisis 2 had a few instances of bad loop points. Devs should care more into making things like that work.

I try to collect and preserve music from games I enjoy by keeping them as separate 'Intro' and 'Loop' WAV/OGG files.

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