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by bnnm at 2:32 PM EST on November 7, 2020
@datschge - if you are still around could you take a look at some issues in the frontend? :)

- "Philips CD-i" platform tag is now used for Jaguar and Amiga sets too, can you rename to something else? Like... uhh... "Other Systems" or "CD-i/Amiga/Jaguar" or "Misc" or whatever.

- Similarly the "Jaguar" domain is borked forever so platform can go.

- Sometimes the frontend isn't picking deleted sets and the link remains forever (but other deleted sets do disappear I think).
Ex. "Need for Speed II (1997)(EA Canada, EA Seattle)(Electronic Arts)[PC]"

- "Amiga" sets have the annoying naming scheme of "" (like mod.mbike1) and that messes up the "tag" page listing. Any way to fix that? (maybe just ignore all Amiga sets in tag page).

- Every now and then some set still points to the wrong file list. I assuming it's some cache issue, any way we could force refresh? (like some page/URL + set name = refresh).

- 0-bytes files still don't show up in the list, they are useful :)

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