Help me decode this unknown audio file container format which was only used on one GameCube game! by simonmkwii at 3:24 AM EDT on September 30, 2017
I was looking into the file structure of the game Wave Race: Blue Storm when I discovered a file in the sound directory called "snddata.obj".

I decided to take a look at it in a hex editor, and discovered that this is a proprietary container format that has only ever been used in this one game.

This file contains the commentators' speech audio which is used throughout races.

This file seems to contain two file types, ADPCM or DSP audio (The main stuff I want, which unsurprisingly I haven't been able to decode, although if you import it into audacity as raw ADPCM, you can just make out the speech under extremely loud background noise) and signed 8-bit PCM audio (which can be listened to in Audacity).

Please help me decode the (what I assume is) ADPCM data!

Link to the file: Download

If you want/need me to upload any other files from the disc, let me know!
by Mr.Sanic at 8:00 PM EDT on October 9, 2017
It's an object file.
.OBJ Can be very hard do extract without "professional" tools.
But if there's audio samples in there,i've never seen something like this '-'
Try searching some apps that can open .OBJ

Good luck!

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