LEGO Racer's Music Files by Infomaniac95 at 1:22 AM EDT on November 5, 2017
I have always liked the music for LEGO Racer's for the N64, but always wanted to have a clean rip of it, and the other rips I have seen online are from that of the pc version, of which it's tracks are only 22khz. Since this game has a modding community, it's possible to hex edit the rom, and get something called the LEGO.JAM file, and then on can use a tool to extract the raw files lurking inside. Inside the .jam archive, I noticed files saying genmid, meaning music files. I searched the whole archive to see if there was more files like it, and sure enough, there was. The first kind of file I saw was a ptr file, which appears to be a midi type file, and has the hex identifier of N64 PtrTablesV2. The second kind of file I found was a .wbk, which seems to be a soundfont file of sorts, and has a hex identifier of N64 WaveTables. So why am I telling you all this? Well, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to have the files in a format that would be usable, assuming it even is possible to work with the files. You can find the files in question here.

Thank you again in advanced!

EDIT:I found out that N64 SoundTool support's this game, but, needless to say, it doesn't quite sound right. The following 2 links have what the track should sound like, and how n64 sound tool ripped it.

First off is the main theme.

Last link is Imperial Grand Prix.
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by birdmanager6 at 7:20 PM EST on November 5, 2017
Those are standard Nintendo 64 files. WBK is the samples, PTR is for pointer tables, and the music sequences themselves are in BIN format. I have extracted the files from my LEGO Racers (E) (M10) [!].z64 file, so I don't need the files you provided.
Unfortunately, although the N64 Sound SDK has been leaked, not that many people have done anything really with N64 development, including the SDKs, and they don't know how it works too much. Your best bet would be if someone made a USF rip of the game, which would have to be done by only someone who has a lot of knowledge of how Nintendo 64 code works (presumably not you).
Also interestingly, files can be extracted from a JAM file the same way from Paperboy, which is by the same developer.
by Infomaniac95 at 10:17 PM EST on November 5, 2017
I see, well thanks for letting me know of this. I hope someone can make a USF set for this game, but it seems no one has been able to, but I could be wrong. As for how i got the jam file, a friend on my discord server said the following to me: "Yeah, I did make a guide to get the N64's JAM.
I found out while the forum was down that the N64 rom needs to be in a certain format for it to work.
If you don't see LEGORacers at the beginning of the rom, it won't work.
Change it to Big Endian using Tool64:

Search for LJAM. Find the second instance of it. Remove everything before it and save the file as something like N64LEGO.JAM.
Extract that using your extractor of choice.

For extracting the instruments, you can try this:"

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