Super Mario Galaxy 1 / 2 Soundfont by mariofan12ify at 4:01 AM EST on November 5, 2017
I was wondering if anyone had made a soundfont for the SMG 1 or 2. I've got all the midi files for the sequenced songs, but I don't have the instrument samples or a soundfont.
by Mr.Sanic at 6:11 AM EST on November 5, 2017
First of all
Wii uses STREAMED music (except Sonic 4)
but in some cases,it stores some samples in a BRSAR Format,which you can extract using Dolphin Wii and GC Emulator.
But someone made a SMG1&2 Soundfont on Glitchkill and i have it.

and yes, it's from SMG.
by mariofan12ify at 6:15 AM EST on November 5, 2017
I already have that one and it's not the best. It's missing quite a lot of instruments.
by ArcticJaguar725 at 3:49 PM EST on November 5, 2017
Somebody on here posted their progress making a SMG soundfont a little while back:

Forgive me if you've seen this before, but I'm guessing we don't have anything better at the moment.

edited 3:51 PM EST November 5, 2017
by forumguy at 7:03 AM EST on November 16, 2017
Please forgive me. I have not posted the 2nd version yet. I've moved to a new laptop and the 2nd version of the soundfont is in my old laptop. Don't worry, I'll post it in a few minutes.
by forumguy at 7:03 AM EST on November 16, 2017
oops double post

edited 4:38 AM EST November 17, 2017

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