I would ilke to know the proper way to rip 3rd strike samples by icantthinkofagoodusername at 11:49 AM EST on November 19, 2017
Hi, i am trying to rip some nice sfIII 3rd strike samples, but i am struggling to get decent results.

I looked up a guide on google, and i found that here it says that you need to import the simm3 files into your daw/audio editor at 8000kh 16bit signed(even thoght it works even with cps2 games, also 3rd strikes has 4 files containing voices, sfx, the musical samples and the streamed music).
So i got the arcade rom of 3rd strike, extracted the files from said rom, imported them, and those files had weirdly pitched sounds, some at the point of begin unrecognizable, even when i adjust them.
The audio quality of these sounds where so low,
lower that these are supposed to be, and with my limited audio knowledge, i cant solve this pitching problem.
So i wanted to know if there is an alternative way of doing this, using the ps2 or dreamcast versions of the game, or using a program that is specialized in extracting cps3 samples, or using a modified version of m1 that is cps3 compatable and lets you extract samples, im open to suggestions, because i really want to use them.
Here are the files containing the samples, these act like stereo sound splitted into mono, so in simm3.0 and 3.1 there are the left/right separation(i dont know what are the left and right), same thing is simm3.2 and 3.3, sorry if my request is complicated, and if this cant be done, i will accept, and move on.

edited 1:24 PM EST November 19, 2017
by Kirishima at 8:48 PM EST on November 19, 2017
The samples probably use a lower bite rate but I have no clue. The console versions are all streamed in one format or another (even the ps2\xbox version despite their sequenced nature), so you're not going to get any instruments out of them. They're only good if you want higher quality voice and sfx.
by icantthinkofagoodusername at 9:04 AM EST on November 20, 2017
Well, if you said so, im going to stick to the arcade version...
Edit: you were right, the drum part is in fact
before thisdrum loop, when i tried to rip it myself it sounded not too good.
Now it sounds nicier, the intro song is actually recognizable, but it still its not quite perfect...
But this is a good start!

edited 10:57 AM EST November 20, 2017

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