Has anyone ever made a USF plugin for Audacious on Linux? by RukarioGyiyg996 at 8:48 PM EST on December 2, 2017
I've gotten the vgmstream plugin compiled and working (thanks kode54 for providing the github repo!) but I've not found anything on the web that offers a fully functional and featured plugin for Audacious for handling USF.

Has anyone here ever produced a working plugin? I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to write one myself...

Come to think of it, the PSF plugin that comes with Audacious already is pretty retarded (I can't even configure anything to it, let alone tell it to ignore the playback tags and loop infinitely) nor is there a GSF plugin (there is a 2SF plugin but just for 2SF only despite calling itself "XSF" and "GBA/NintendoDS plugin") nor is there a SSF plugin, or a DSF plugin...

There also does not seem to be a plugin for the new NintendoDS PSF format I've noticed some archives containing now.

Does anyone even care about this media player at all? Seems like either nobody really does or they don't really feel like providing the source code to their plugins...
by kode54 at 4:10 AM EST on December 3, 2017
Take a look at my Cog or DeaDBeeF PSF plugins.



It only needs to be C++ for some of the formats.

The DeaDBeeF one will probably be easier to understand. It takes the generic libpsflib I wrote, parses the file for tags, and also has individual startup and decode handlers for all supported xSF versions. All formats are hard coded to 44100Hz, except for PSF2, which is 48000Hz. Tag writing is fun, but not entirely necessary if all you care about is playback.

Playing forever should be easy enough, especially if you can add a line to a plugin that can read the player's current repeat setting, and trigger it to play forever when the repeat is set to Track mode, and only if it's decoding for playback.

DeaDBeeF has a flag for decoders to indicate that a request is for playback, so looping is permitted. Handy for track conversion, so you don't end up looping indefinitely while writing to disk.
by cli at 4:03 PM EDT on October 7, 2018
Two days ago, I fixed the existing USF plugin for Audacious which seems to break with every update to work with version 3.8 and up.

I am using Audacious as my main player on Ubuntu 18.04 which comes with 3.9, so I can guarentee it works up to that version.

Here's the repo:

A binary is provided.

Sounds good to me and works fine on my systen.

edited 4:04 PM EDT October 7, 2018

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