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by Mygoshi at 5:36 AM EST on February 2, 2018
Could you please upload SNDS from Xbox please?
by jeangene91 at 9:21 PM EST on February 2, 2018
by bnnm at 4:35 AM EST on February 3, 2018
@jeangene91 - to get playable PS2 and XBOX:
- rename all files to .LWAV
- unzip this file in the PS2 folder, and this file in the XBOX folder
- play with latest vgmstream
by Mygoshi at 10:26 AM EST on February 3, 2018

I finally discovered why does "my" method is not working anymore. It is a bug with QuickBMS. If you use the version from 25 September 2014, it will work. Here's a link to download this version: quickbms2014.rar
Also, my version of ToWav is different:
Here's the link to download this version: towav (1).rar

What you have to do:
- Add GENH header to the SNDS files with VGMToolbox (codec: Xbox 4-Bit IMA ADPCM; Offset 0x0; Interleave 0x10; Channels 2; Frequency 44100).
- Open QuickBMS, take the "" script (PS: open the bms in notepad and check if set OFFSET is 0x1000, set FREQ is 44100, set CH is 2, set TESTV is 0), apply it to all the GENH files you have created.
- Place the content of "towav (1).rar" in the directory where all the outputed LWAV are.
- Launch ConvAll.bat

Normally, all the LWAV are converted to WAV and the noises are reduced.

edited 10:29 AM EST February 3, 2018
by jeangene91 at 4:13 PM EST on February 8, 2018
Thank you, bnnm and Mygoshi. Both methods work.
by Mygoshi at 1:24 AM EST on February 9, 2018
You're welcome. Both methods work, except that "my" method actually reduces the noises as you asked in this thread. Remember that when you want to get playable headerless Xbox ADPCM, in order to get the best quality, you'll need to create genh header, then add a proper riff header, and decode the lwav with towav.

edited 1:32 AM EST February 9, 2018
Spongebob .SNDS/SNDI Files by Rrose80149 at 11:17 AM EDT on May 9, 2020
I'm hoping we can have stereo tracks for Battle for Bikini Bottom, since we don't have the Xbox ROM yet.
by Sephirothkefka at 12:01 PM EDT on May 9, 2020
Please tell me you're talking Xbox One and BFBBR and not original Xbox and og BFBB.
by Rrose80149 at 5:32 PM EDT on May 12, 2020
I'm not talking about the remake, I mean't the original BFBB.
by jrose80149 at 2:07 PM EDT on May 25, 2020
The original BFBB is fine by me. the original xbox version of this game has stereo sound, while ps2 and gamecube version of this original BFBB game has mono sound. i believe stereo is better than mono (surround sound is my favorite option, perhaps).

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