Dual Destinies by Zetto Kuzuuya at 11:08 AM EST on February 4, 2018
Can Ace Attorney Dual destinies be ripped? I can't tell because I have no way of doing so and I don't know if it used sequenced music or not sadly.
by bxaimc at 11:23 AM EST on February 4, 2018
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies [Gyakuten Saiban 5] (2013-07-25)
by Zetto Kuzuuya at 7:35 AM EST on February 8, 2018
What us this? Also I was referring to game samples, not the game itself. to make a soundfont
by bxaimc at 8:53 AM EST on February 8, 2018
Huh? The game is streamed, hence the link to the gamerip streams.

edited 8:55 AM EST February 8, 2018

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