Unknown audio format. [Budokai Tenakaichi Series / Spike / PSP] by condealucard at 11:36 AM EST on February 7, 2018

Hello friends, I have a question and I want to see if you can help me solve it.

Does anyone know how I can listen and edit this type of audio?
I do not know what format it is, but I know it's an audio because when you remove those values from the game, you do not hear anything, but when you replace them with each other you hear a different dialogue in the game.

If you need additional information, please let me know

Thank you very much for your attention and your help

Platform: PSP
Developed by:Spike
Distributed by: Namco Bandai
Sagas: Budokai Tenakaichi Series

Comentario: These files generate them with:
quickbms - filecutter.bms
DBZ TTT USA.zip [2.77 MiB]

Comentario: These files are examples of audios
Audios.zip [59.54 KiB]
Descargado 4 veces
by bxaimc at 2:12 PM EST on February 7, 2018
How did you get these files? Everything looks like garbage to me.
by condealucard at 4:33 PM EST on February 7, 2018
The game is in a file called packfile.bin,
I used a tool to extract the files and the audios were extracted in bin format,
I think that is because I did not recognize the format of the audio.
I do not know if the audio is also compressed or if it is necessary to add a header for some program to recognize it.
What do you think?
by condealucard at 5:32 PM EST on February 7, 2018
will it be possible to try to extract the audios using the tool "quickbms" with some script ..?
or will it be possible to extract them using "VGMToolbox" ..?
Could you give me some guidance?
by bxaimc at 12:05 AM EST on February 8, 2018
Looking at the gamefiles, I’m not sure where to begin. The BIN file inside USRDIR is the one you mentioned on xentax (or zenhax) but that’s only half of the data. The other half is in the INSTDIR in a BIN file that’s actually an encrypted PGD. I can’t remember exactly how to decrypt these because the tools I have aren’t working correctly or don’t support it. JPSCP also doesn’t do anything for some reason. I’ll need to look more into it when I get the chance unless someone else does it instead.
by Knurek at 12:51 AM EST on February 8, 2018
The USA dump floating around is bad, that's why PGDecrypt doesn't work with it's INSTDIR DATAINST.BIN file.
Works fine with the EU/JP versions though.
(Either way, I'm not seeing any of the standard formats after decrypting)
by bxaimc at 1:09 AM EST on February 8, 2018
D’oh, no wonder (I was using the US dump)...
by condealucard at 10:15 AM EST on February 8, 2018

The games of the Budokai Tenakaichi series on PS2 use audios in "adx" format, which are inside an "afs" file, these "adx" audios are created from the "Wav" format with the "Atrac3" codec, in the Shin Budokai series for PS2 and PSP the same audio formats are used, so I think that in this case in theory it should be the same audio format, but I can not edit it, so I thought maybe this compressed somehow.

The audios that I shared all start with "A2"

edited 10:18 AM EST February 8, 2018
by bnnm at 1:35 PM EST on February 8, 2018
Audio is raw ATRAC3. It seems incorrectly cut though.

To play those with vgmstream: rename to .at3, create a text file with the following text:

codec = ATRAC3
interleave = 0x98

sample_rate = 22050
channels = 1
start_offset = 0
num_samples = data_size

Then rename to simply ".txth" (or .txth.)
by condealucard at 6:01 PM EST on February 9, 2018

I apologize, I'm new and I still do not understand very well how the vgmstream works,
already rename the file to "at3",
create the text file and save it with extension "txth"
Now, what steps should I follow to be able to play the audios?

try to convert them to wav format with the vgmstream by means of this command
"test -o audio 1.wav audio 1.at3"
but vgmstreet does not recognize it

After converting the audio to wav format, would it be possible to edit it and then return it to the original format so that the game can recognize it?

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