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by SubDrag at 3:24 PM EST on March 10, 2018
I posted an update to my open source N64 Midi and Soundbank Tools, to use my own conversions for EAD Music format. I no longer call Seq64 at all (I want to emphasize that he made a great tool and I learned a lot about format from it; I'm just having trouble working with his source code, and I'm much more comfortable writing my own parser). It is a work in progress so quite a bit to do, and I expect some issues, but it definitely parses some things better such as DMGJ. Please give it a shot. And as its open source, if you want to help, you can see what I've got while parsing the format and help post your new command findings (I know a lot are just being ignored). Note that in Soundbank tool it sounds pretty poor because the Soundbank is not great due to really weird and not fully understood how to translate ADSR.

edited 3:41 PM EST March 10, 2018
by palo_alto at 9:12 AM EDT on July 1, 2018
hey simonmkwii,

could you possibly share the fixed soundfont?

by TheKnewGreg at 9:21 PM EST on February 12, 2019
It seems as though every link on this thread has been 404'd. Are there any newer links to these soundfonts? I've tried using multiple soundfont rippers, but none have seemed to work with the roms.
by Lunar at 5:46 PM EDT on June 2, 2021
I only just noticed the Mario Artist - Paint Studio USF rips that surfaced recently. I searched the forums a few times and couldn't find them mentioned anywhere, so I figured that it's possible others may have missed the news, too. Consider this a signal boost, and offering of my appreciation!

Does this also mean that a Talent Studio USF rip is no longer out of the question?

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