Skylanders Extract & Convert by jeangene91 at 3:39 PM EST on February 26, 2018
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the PS3 uses .str files, but they will not play in the latest vgmstream. Here is one of them.

Skylanders: Giants on the Wii contains its assets in .arc and .bld files. To extract, I used a " script on the .arc's and struck .wav.hz.wav.enc files, like this. Now, the trick is decoding them. Trap Team (PS3) also has the .arc+.bld format, but using the quickbms script does not work. Here is the .arc file.

Meanwhile, Swap Force, Superchargers, and Imaginators (Xbox360) contain their assets in .pak files. I have tried different quickbms scripts but cannot find a method to extract them. Three pak files are below:
Sky3 Sky5 Sky6

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by jeangene91 at 3:29 PM EST on March 7, 2018
Giving an update...

I've found Spyro's Adventure stores its audio in a .pck file and can be extracted with the Wwise sound engine *.pck/AKPK extractor quickBMS script. However, I do not know if everything was extracted. After a while, an error is produced, saying "the script uses more array indexes than supported". Perhaps there is another way of extracting Wwise .pck file?

Giants' files can be played by changing the file extension to .fsb.

Swap Force gives an error saying "can't read 2 bytes from offset 2f3de84e". But the example file I provided ends at 2f3de84d. For the PS3 version, the error is "offset in PutVarChr (0xffffffff) is negative".

By chance, aluigi at Xentax updated the marvel_ultimate_alliance_2 script a few days ago. I applied it to Trap Team, and it works. The files can be converted the same way as with Giants.

Using the new script works for Superchargers and Imaginators, too, though not as organized as Giants and Trap Team, but that's fine. The real problem is some files don't want to play in vgmstream. This file will play, but this one will not.

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by bxaimc at 9:13 PM EST on March 7, 2018
>by chance

hehe I needed a quick fix from aluigi so I guess that update helped you out too :P

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by jeangene91 at 8:53 PM EST on March 8, 2018
Thank you very much. :) The odd thing is my searching points to the "Marvel..." script being the right way to extract, and should work. For whatever reason, it doesn't like Swap Force for me. Is there a possibility that it is the version of quickBMS I am using? That has happened before.
by jeangene91 at 4:19 PM EDT on March 18, 2018
I found a .bms script that will extract assets from Swap Force's .pak files. All they need is the .fsb extension added to them and they are playable.

The only issue now is a few of the files in Superchargers and Imaginators won't play or convert using vgmstream. I try looking at the files in a hex editor, comparing them to files that work, but I do not know enough of what to do with the files (what to look for, what can be changed to let them be converted/played, if at all). These two files are from Superchargers. The first one plays, but the second can be seen in Winamp, but the Length is blank and it can't be played. Converting it manually using test.exe does not work, either.

Aezay's FSB Extractor says the unplayable file is a XMA2 file with 10 channels, but extraction does not give anything helpful. I've tried xmash and xma_parse, but they haven't helped.

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by bnnm at 6:04 PM EDT on March 18, 2018
vgmstream only works with 8 channel XMA ATM, but I'll fix next week.
by jeangene91 at 8:29 PM EDT on March 19, 2018
OK. I was wondering why 10-channel files from Swap Force would play. But FSB Extractor said they were in mp3 format, so that explains that. :)
by jeangene91 at 8:57 PM EDT on May 21, 2018
Thank you very much - the update worked like a charm! Sorry it took so long to say so.
by EpicLPer at 1:00 PM EDT on April 20, 2024
Heya, I know this might be a long shot cause this thread is like 6 years old by now, but were you successful in extracting audio?

I found this tool here ( which made it possible to extract all files from the game, but now I'm left with some ".wav.hz.wav.enc" files just like you said above.
How do I handle these files tho? What script can I use to get them back to proper WAV files?

Thanks! :)

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