Where do i find the .brsar file of SMG1? by trigore at 1:44 PM EST on March 3, 2018
Does anyone knows where do i find the .brsar file of SMG1 (if there's one)?

I've tried searching it with WIIScrubber, but i haven't found it.

Any help would be appreciated!
by bxaimc at 2:27 PM EST on March 3, 2018
SMG doesn’t use BRSAR. It uses the GC seq/bank stuff located in the AudioRes folder related to JaiSeq, etc.
by trigore at 2:52 PM EST on March 3, 2018
Oh, alright, thanks.

Another question (sorry),
How do i open and do i need to open .arc files?

edited 2:53 PM EST March 3, 2018
by bxaimc at 5:00 PM EST on March 3, 2018
Here’s one way: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/ARCTool

I’m sure there are other methods as well. Google should help.
by trigore at 5:04 AM EST on March 4, 2018
Thank you.

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