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Searching coeff offsets of DSP ADPCM (Wii game) by Anterag at 8:17 AM EST on March 10, 2018
Hi. I'm trying to find the coefficient offsets of a list of RAW files that use the Nintendo GC 4-bit ADPCM codec (it's a Wii game btw). The interleave varies for all the files (it can be 0x8800, 0x8000, 0x9000, 0xB000...)

Here are all the specs I know for the sample I will provide :
Header skip: 0x60
Interleave: 0x9000
Channels: 2
Frequency: ?
Coeff Offset (right channel): seems to be 0x1C
Coef Offset (left channel): ?

The PC version is exactly the same but the RAW files are just OGG. Their sample rate is 44100Hz.
The PS2 version is also the same and uses Sony ADPCM codec. Their sample rate is 8000Hz (yes).

If somebody can help me finding these coefficients, I would be very happy. In fact, the PC version quality is not the best as the OGGs use VBR ~128 kbps.


Thanks in advance.
by simonmkwii at 6:23 AM EDT on March 11, 2018
Can you let me know which game this is?

I'll search the files for the coefficients.
by Anterag at 6:37 AM EDT on March 11, 2018
The game is Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp for Wii. Each MU *.RAW seems to have a different structure while opening them with Hex Editor.
Thank you for the help.
by simonmkwii at 7:07 AM EDT on March 11, 2018
I've noticed a "packfile.dat" file in the directory.

I believe this contains the coefficients somewhere, I'll look into it.
by Anterag at 7:11 AM EDT on March 11, 2018
There's a script written by aluigi available (someone posted a thread on ZenHax).
by simonmkwii at 8:51 AM EDT on March 11, 2018
I'm stumped!

We'd need @aluigi, @Mygoshi or @bxaimc for help!
by Anterag at 8:56 AM EDT on March 11, 2018
I actually posted a thread on ZenHax.
by Anterag at 5:43 PM EDT on March 11, 2018
Ok, news, one of the two coefficient offsets is the filename literally: 0x93C790
by Anterag at 5:52 PM EDT on March 11, 2018
News 2: Frequency is 16000Hz
by Anterag at 6:02 PM EDT on March 11, 2018
News 3: Header skip is NOT 0x60 but 0x0 (indeed, it's headerless DSP)
News 4: I seem to have the correct coefficients but when I create GENH, I can clearly here the music but it's still with noises...

edited 6:03 PM EDT March 11, 2018

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