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by bxaimc at 11:41 AM EDT on March 18, 2018
If it’s stored in a bnk, you can use bnkextr.

Also, I have no idea if this works correctly or not but hcs mentioned this tool years ago for this purpose: afcextr

edited 11:45 AM EDT March 18, 2018
by Dark_Ansem at 12:50 PM EDT on March 18, 2018
I can't get it to work. Apparently it's not supposed to.
by bxaimc at 12:54 PM EDT on March 18, 2018
This is a dumb question but are you using the command prompt for these?
by Dark_Ansem at 1:33 PM EDT on March 18, 2018
Of course I am, I even made a .bat to use it. Not just drag and drop.

At least for afcextr. I haven't tested Lords of Shadow yet.
by Dark_Ansem at 10:58 AM EDT on March 28, 2019
Any further help from this? Could it be that playback instructions are actually held inside the wwise archive?
by Dark_Ansem at 4:27 PM EDT on April 2, 2019
I dig out my Wavecue utility, but the entries stop halfway the track. Has a new binary for it ever been released?

edited 4:34 PM EDT April 2, 2019

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