Tony Hawk Project 8 and Wildfire Online by TheGoldenChild at 6:49 PM EDT on April 15, 2018
Hello I recently Tried opening these .pak for the Xbox 360 version of THP8 via Ravioli Tools. But they are either encrypted or contain files that aren't visible, or simply empty with no sound data. I tried it with the .xen extension and with removing the .xen extension still the same results via pasting in ravioli's tools but no results.

I have tried using an old Guitar Hero BMS .xen extractor however it doesn't work for this game.


Second Game is Wildstar Online

I am currently trying to extract the sound files from Wildfire online. Good news is that a BMS script was able to extract the files without issue. However I am left with just .dat files that I cannot get into. I was wondering if there was a script that could be written to extract these .dat files or if they are just full of hot air.

There are a bunch of different files to upload so I will upload the .bag via mediafire.
The file when running the BMS script uploads a bunch of .dat's however I am unsure on where to proceed. There are also some miscellaneous files such as



I should also note that when I place the file in Ravioli's tools I get a bunch of Mp2's and a bunch of .Fev's. Though while the Mp2's work in foobar the .Fev's won't work in FMOD Designer. ( But I assume the MP2's are the audio files the .Fev's are referencing ).

Also to update I believe I found the FSB hidden in the Hero.bag however its broken on Ravioli's tools ( Cannot open them ) and when extracting it with the script mentioned above I only got .dat's that I couldn't view.


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