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by Knurek at 3:55 AM EDT on August 5, 2013
Well, either my PSU or my mobo died yesterday. :(

Computer just shuts down after a few seconds, booted once into Windows, so at least I can hope that the HDDs are not fried.

Let's see if I can manage to bring the machine into working order soon. :\
by RukarioGyiyg996 at 7:19 PM EDT on August 6, 2013
3D modeling!
by hcs at 6:30 PM EDT on September 11, 2013
If you're running Chrome (or other webkit) or a Firefox with Web Audio support (scheduled for 24, in nightly now), check out
ADX Player
by Yoshinkeru at 10:41 AM EDT on September 13, 2013
Speaking of modeling (especially with Blender), I'd love some advice. I'm tired of waiting for an upload of Yoshi's SSB Melee model, so I thought I'd try my hand at it myself. Couldn't load anything from my physical disk, so I buckled and downloaded the ISO. When viewing with GC-Tool, I see a bunch of DATs, some of which I picked out from the names that might be related to Yoshi, but I'm not sure what to do with them. Can I do anything with the DATs, and/or do I also need to get Dolphin?

I just don't like messing with emulators unless I absolutely have to if I can help it, I'm weird like that. I remember grabbing a bunch of N64 ROMs trying to extract the MIDIs with another tool, but most of them haven't been supported yet.
by hcs at 2:37 AM EDT on September 29, 2013
I played two games for the first time today that were released last year.

Fez (picked up in the last Humble Indie Bundle):
Pretty much what I'd expected, a 2D platformer where the 2D perspective can be rotated around your character in a 3D world. I had dreamed about something like this, of the games I've seen a similar idea (e.g. Super Paper Mario) this feels like it's closest to what I had in mind. Mostly the pixelization (I was thinking voxels though I didn't know the term) and the intro w/ village & old man who hints at the beyond (though I guess it plays on cliches) and the exploration flavor. Looking forward to playing the game of my dreams, I'm sure there will be pleasant surprises.

I'm also thinking of it as a lower-dimensional projection of Miegakure, which I eagerly await.

Frog Fractions:
I didn't know what to expect from this, besides "don't judge by how it starts" and many claims of brilliance. I feel that I was greatly rewarded, it's clever and funny and wacky and hyper-game-literate. Heartily recommended, if you missed it last year give it a shot.

And also one that's a bit older (Shockwave!):
Arcadia, in this you play four randomly selected Atari-ish games simultaneously (in split screen) until you lose all your lives in one of them. The interface is all via mouse so there is no switching between them, you just click in the appropriate subscreen to issue a command to that game. I'd heard about this one over the years but just got to try it today. Fun, and more playable than it might seem at first.

Apparently there is also an Arcadia REMIX that I haven't played.

I also ran across a bit of news, apparently the music for the FF7 PC port has been updated in response to complaints.

I ran across the above because I was trying to find an endless runner (I think? It was at least a platformer) with a split screen that I vaguely remember. Didn't find it yet, and I hadn't played it, it was new not too long ago, I probably just saw a screenshot and caption. It isn't one of the ones where you can flip between worlds, more that there are two near-parallel worlds and you control a character in each simultaneously. I feel like there have been several of these but I can't locate them.

The reason I'm thinking about this (and why I looked up Arcadia) is that I am giving some thought to similar games where several things are going on that you have to switch between, monitor, and selectively ignore, as part of some research involving executive function.

Importantly I am not looking at multitasking behavior with rapid switching between several tasks that need attention now. I'm looking at something that feels a little more like Super Hexagon (though less twitchy) in that there are recognizable patterns that require different amounts of effort to traverse, and once you've recognized it you can go on autopilot. In Super Hexagon you need to be able to master this in order to pay attention to the next pattern. In Hypothetical EF Game there would be several channels like this, you'd need to focus on one at a time, and knowing which don't require care for a few beats lets you concentrate on tasks that do need finesse. It may even be necessary to ignore something for a higher priority, while remembering that you will therefore need to do some cleanup on the lower priority thing when you have the time. But in general the game will always make it possible to focus one place at a time, it is the cost and reliability of the switch that is interesting.

Gonna have some mighty weird dreams tonight.
What the hell Firefox... by RukarioGyiyg996 at 6:31 PM EDT on September 29, 2013
So 24.0 comes out and apparently web audio isn't implemented yet.

Where can I get their nightly that has it?
by hcs at 7:31 PM EDT on September 29, 2013
by anewuser at 3:01 AM EST on November 27, 2013
Finally listened FFVI Balance and Ruin which was in the queue since the longest time. It's great. These two stood out among the fantastic work overall:

A Fistful of Nickels (Shadow)
Not usually into vocals in tracks but this made me reconsider voice in music.

Ending suite (ending theme)
15 minutes of gold.

by dj4uk6cjm at 7:13 AM EST on December 1, 2013
Well some of you here probably already know I had attempted to work on the wind waker soundfont this year and I got some good results. I was a little worried though as I have spent my time working on it all month using my own alternative method to looping the samples and writing down and keeping a memo of the loop points, I actually finished the soundfont this friday.

Yep completely finished with absolutely perfect loops but my computer malfunctioned and I lost all my saved loop points lol you better believe I was pissed but luckily as I said before I wrote down some of the loop points for each sample I was able to loop and I got back most of what I lost and put together what I had, It was rushed but I'd say roughly about 30% of the samples are moderately to perfectly looped and 30% of the samples are there with some missing. I'm not going to zip file the folder because I'm going to be updating it with some of those missing samples throughout the week.

So here it is for now just the looped wavs, I'm too lazy to rename them :P haha if this doesn't increase my popularity here I don't know what will and this is how I spent my time. εїз

edited 7:17 AM EST December 1, 2013
by Level99 at 1:53 PM EST on December 12, 2013
Might as well chip in since I've been a lurker of these boards for ages and finally decided to become active. I spend most of my time working, but whatever little free time I have I spend over at I've been part of site staff there for a few years, mostly heading up the site album projects backend and getting things ready to release. I do make a good amount of music, and am part of the site's house band: OverClocked University. I am currently learning French, and brushing up on my Java while learning Ruby on the side.

Oddly enough I see someone mentioned the FF6 Balance and Ruin album. Good to see some OCR love here!

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