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The singleminded adventures of hcs by hcs at 11:58 PM EST on March 8, 2006
Crossposted from Zophar's Message Domain's Diaries board:

I needed to print out a few things for school, so I decided to head over to the campus computer lab, which is open 24 hours. I was also thirsty, so I decided to purchase a tasty beverage from the vending machines located there. I had no cash, however, only $1 in change (3 quarters, 3 nickels, 1 dime) that I had picked up over the course of the week, 25 cents short of the price of a 20 oz soda. My roommates were asleep so I couldn't bother them for money... so I decided to see if the ATM in the credit union drive through was indeed open 24 hours. It was, so I withdrew $40, grudgingly paying the $1.25 service charge (ironically the same price as the soda I wanted), realizing too late that it gave me two twenties, which no vending machine on earth takes.
So I arrive at the lab, make my printouts, then go over to the vending machines. I find a dime in the change slot of one, and another dime under the same machine. I also find 3 pennies, but these are worthless to such machines. So I put my $1.20 into the machine, to verify my count and hold it until I can find another 5 cents. Nothing is found. So I decide to get my change back, maybe look somewhere else for at least a nickel. The damned thing only gives me back $1 (3 quarters, 2 dimes, and a nickel). So now I'm back where I started.
I then get up the nerve to ask someone for change of a $20. Forunately someone had it (though I wound up with a lot of quarters, apparently she has been running a bake sale).
With my Pepsi in hand I proceeded to this other lab to do my work (I didn't want to return to my dorm, since I'd disturb my roommates, and the main lab is monitored and they don't let you eat or drink in it). There are 5 connected buldings that make up the engineering complex at Rutgers (Fiber Optics, Ceramics, The Engineering Building (really 4 buildings in itself), Hill Center for the Mathematical Sciences, and CoRE (Computing Research and Education, where I have my new job)). Supposedly all of these buildings are locked at 4:00 AM, but my experience has shown that they always forget to lock at least one door. The left door at the top of the handicapped ramp at one entrance to the engineering building was unlocked, so I walked in there and over to Hill, where the Computer Science labs are. Here I opened the door to a lab that is always left unlocked (the door has an electronic lock, but you have to push it closed to get the lock to engage and no one ever does), though I have a card to access it anyway. I turned on the lights, hooked my iPod up to the speakers on a machine, and started typing this up. Now maybe I can get to work, having thus unburdened myself.

Ah, almost forgot, I also found a dime on my way here :)

edited 5:05 AM EST March 9, 2006
by hcs at 12:23 AM EST on March 9, 2006
Instead I am wasting my time reading about the robotic societies of the future. Now I like the idea of technological utopia as much as the next guy, but when the author seriously suggests putting ads on $1 bills... (well, maybe not so seriously)

This is a guy I'd love to talk with...

edited 5:51 AM EST March 9, 2006
by PokeParadox at 1:17 AM EST on March 9, 2006
O_O That's quite a little adventure! I was expecting you to ask someone for change, with them replying "I'm sorry, I have no change." So you ask them where you can get some change "I'm sorry, I have no change." HCS: "Crap... I've appeared to have exhausted your conversation database."
BOINC by hcs at 3:19 AM EST on March 9, 2006
I set up BOINC (attached to Predictor@home) on about 5 machines in the lab here, and it became noticeably hotter, so I stopped BOINC.
I wonder how much the temperature would rise if all 16 3.2 GHz Pentiums 4s with HT were running full tilt...

I did a quick, not terribly scientific test: first I ran two for a few hours, checked the room temperature as reported by the thermostat, then I disabled one and went to dinner. About an hour later I returned, and the thermostat seems to have the same temperature. Maybe this room is just warm...

edited 10:29 PM EST March 9, 2006
ASCII Pong V0.2 by PokeParadox at 10:43 AM EST on March 9, 2006
I have updated it. It has a nice title screen and has AI now.
More Info
by Josh W at 6:37 PM EST on March 9, 2006
the vending machines in my Uni accepts $20 notes. Once i brought a bag of peanuts for $1.80 and it gave me change in 50 cent coins and a couple of 10s
by unknownfile at 3:23 AM EST on March 10, 2006
ASCII pong is complete rux. Hopefully in the next release you will fix that annoying flickering.
by hcs at 4:38 AM EST on March 10, 2006
I've never seen a vending machine accept above $5 bills, and I've only seen that once in a movie theater where 20 oz bottles are $4.50!
RE: ASCII pong by PokeParadox at 4:38 AM EST on March 10, 2006
Thanks... the flickering is annoying! I have been told vaguely how to fix it... the problem is that the command to do so is a bit overwhelming for me atm... so I have to figure out how to use it...
Basically instead of clearing the console window, you have to set the cursor to the beginning again.

I'm going to port the current version to the GP2X before I update the W32 version. (There will be no flicker on GP2X anyhow due to how it renders text.)
I have some ideas for how to improve the AI also.
by PokeParadox at 4:48 AM EST on March 10, 2006
most vending machines here only take change... I don't ever recall seeing one that takes notes.

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