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by Elven Spellmaker at 4:58 AM EDT on May 16, 2009
Scars of Time, the only one that had been mentioned.

I assumed that, but two more had also been mentioned by MouserX. Singing Mountain and Manbo's Mamba.
by hcs at 3:42 PM EDT on May 16, 2009
Oops, right you are. I blame it on Mouser's post being too long.
by arbingordon at 4:02 PM EDT on May 16, 2009
leave the smartassery to unknownfile and I, hcs

we're professionals
by Mouser X at 7:32 PM EDT on May 16, 2009
So I numbered the Singing Mountain music, and I was somewhat surprised. My "play by ear" version was nearly identical to the sheet music. The two biggest differences was I had two spots where I had an extra note (same pitch/tone, it was 2 shorter notes of the same type, but they were supposed to be 1 longer note), and a sharp/flat or two.

I also worked out Matoya's Cavern (FF1) and Terra's Theme (FF6), but I'm having difficulty with Matoya's Cavern. Looking at the sheet music, and playing that, sounds wrong.... Yet, when I get it closer to sounding right, the count gets way off, and I lose track of where I'm at....

As for Terra's Theme, if I play it in its original key, it's too low (I don't have notes that go that low), and if I play it one octive higher, it's too high. I therefore had to transpose (I think that's the right word) it. I'm pretty happy with the results overall.

Now I just need to practice some of these. It might be easier if I could memorize these things faster.... It also hurts my fingers. I think I'm holding it too tightly, but I'm spending so much concentration on playing the right notes, that I don't realize how tight I'm holding it. I'm having a hard enough time doing one thing, that others are being ignored (I still have difficulty doing the "tu" stuff when blowing into the ocarina). But I now have some (non-zelda) songs to practice, so that will be interesting. Mouser X over and out.
by mudlord at 9:31 PM EDT on May 16, 2009

I would appreciate it if you kill the domain:

Thanks for the compliance.
by hcs at 11:52 PM EDT on May 16, 2009
As you like.
by mudlord at 12:32 AM EDT on May 17, 2009
Thankyou HCS, much appreciated :)
by Elven Spellmaker at 9:11 AM EDT on May 17, 2009
Mouser, your right its called transposing, somthing which is very useful on the Ocarina.

It didn't take me long before I was articulating notes properly, i.e. the tu sound. It shouldn't take you too long, the first obstacle I had, which didnt take too long to cure (about 5 mins maybe) was remebering to keep the pinky finger down until the last note.
by Mouser X at 12:26 PM EDT on May 17, 2009
That's the finger that tends to get hurt the most.... By the time I get done with a session on my ocarina, I can't bend my left pinky unless I shake my hand out a few times.... As for the note articulation, part of the difficulty results from my habit to whistle. When whistling, I don't "articulate" it that much, unless I'm using my tounge to produce more notes, faster.

So far, Terra's Theme (transposed) is among the easiest to play, followed closely by Singing Mountain. Matoya's Cavern hits a low 4, up to the 7 (flat), with lots of sharps and flats between. It's also supposed to be played rather quickly, and requires a dexterity of the fingers that I don't yet posess (and I fear for artharitis in my later years if I do get to that point...). I'm mildly considering doing a recording of my feeble attempts, to show off what I've done so far. It should be noted, though, that none of the songs mentioned would be played at full tempo (or likely anywhere near it), and I still tend to lose track of where I am in the song, and have to stop to find my place.

Nonetheless, it's fun to be able to play these songs on an actual instrument (instead of whistling them all the time). It'd be nifty if I got good enough, that someone at OC ReMix (or other similar site) used my recordings in a(n accepted) submission. That'd make my day.

[EDIT] For kicks and giggles, I've decided to figure out/learn the "unlearned ocarina" (from Link's Awakening) sound that link plays when you very first get the ocarina (and haven't learned any songs yet). I have a GBS that ugetab ripped of the sound effects (since that "song" is a sound effect, and not in the music bank of the game), but it's on my PC which isn't on right now. So instead, for those interested in hearing it, I'll link you to my "website." I recorded this particular "song" on actual hardware years ago, and uploaded it to my Geocities website, where it still resides. Have fun on my page.... I have a few other odds and ends there, but nothing entirely special. Mouser X over and out.

edited 2:38 AM EDT May 18, 2009
by Elven Spellmaker at 11:44 AM EDT on May 18, 2009
Ooo, if you could upload the GBS of the sound effects that would be good. =)

Keep going Mouser you'll get there eventually. The more you practice the easier it will get and the more you can play!

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