Killzone - Shadowfall Unknown WWise format PS4 by OrangeC at 9:40 PM EDT on May 15, 2018
According to a friend, this could be WWise ADPCM, but vgmstream doesn't work on it.

Appreciatrte if someone can look into it.
by bxaimc at 12:33 AM EDT on May 16, 2018
iirc shadow zone was like MP3 or something in those corestream archives. I looked at it some time ago but gave up because it was just too annoying to sort out. Don’t recall seeing wwise stuff though.

edited 12:35 AM EDT May 16, 2018
by bnnm at 1:28 PM EDT on May 16, 2018
It's .at9

If those .at9 are inside XVAG you should extract the .xvag instead, or some files may be unplayable.
by OrangeC at 1:38 PM EDT on May 16, 2018
They are not inside any xvags

This is the file where it came from.

No XVAGS, but just RIFF headers.
by bnnm at 4:29 PM EDT on May 16, 2018
It's "playable" if renamed to .at9, but it's all silence as far as I can see. It looks 100% standard ATRAC9 with repeated silent frames, don't think it's a bug. Why they needed 15MB of silence I have no clue.

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