Animetic Story Game 1 Card Captor Sakura [PS1] by Eliskuya at 9:13 PM EDT on May 16, 2018

I want to request a rip for an old PlayStation game titled: Animetic Story Game 1 Card Captor Sakura, so far no one has been able to rip it for whatever reason, it does not exist on the web.
by arrlson at 11:34 PM EDT on May 16, 2018
Do you have the .bin/.cue images from the CD ? Or the CD itself?
[.cue is needed for when there is redbook audio - not *really* mandatory, but makes extraction easier, that is, "if" there are digital audio tracks]

If you have the CD image file, you can use VGM Toolbox->Misc.->Extraction->Generic->ISO/Archive extractor to dump the files & folders in the CD to some folder. (If you have the CD, then you can *try* to copy all files to some folder of your choice -depending of the files, some of them might not be copied to PC.)

After this, eiher you can
* post filenames+filesizes here, or
* upload the file(s) you think could have the music,
in order for (some of) us to better examine them & make a thing on the music format.

A hex editor (e.g. HxD) GREATLY helps with data exploring. Give it a hand! ...
You there? Got HxD?
THEN let's continue!
Open "SLPS_####.##" file (this is the main PS executable) with HxD, and search for text strings inside: look out for text, some of then could give a hint as to what filenames to reference music files. Also search for some extensions (.seq, .xsnd, .str, .cps, .vab, ...). Then you can use VGM toolbox to extract Streams (Sony ADPCM or CD-XA for PSX mostly) for streamed music (HQ, orchestrated, non-easily-loopable music), or use xSF Tools -> PSF -> PSF data finder to have VGMT search for instruments and sheets files inside the file you think HAS the music (this for synthetized music: sampled, loopable music).

Good luck!

the "whatever reason" you mention, is mostly "lack of interest" (personal, inner), followed by "lack of time" (personal, outer), followed by "lack of resources" (not personal), followed by "cannot be easily ripped". Given interest, time, and resources, some eager people can help out.

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by Eliskuya at 12:56 AM EDT on May 17, 2018
yes I do, Link just something I want to point out, there is a sound test of the game, you have to beat the whole game to get the whole in-game music from the game, and hope the link helps

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by Squaresoft74 at 1:25 AM EDT on May 17, 2018
Here you go :

Track 02 sounds really weird, so if you have a save with sound test unlocked, share it here so i can double check.

Feel free to update timing/tags
by Eliskuya at 1:38 AM EDT on May 17, 2018
I sure do have a save,, but thank you Square

also, why is there echo in the music?, I had to delete the 1st and 2nd music

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by Squaresoft74 at 2:50 AM EDT on May 17, 2018
111 - Showdown!!
116 - Sakura's Theme (1)
121 - Sense of Hope
Those are streamed.

901, 902, 903 unknown or unused tracks.

As for the echo it's because i enabled the reverb as used by the game (Studio large $F204).

You can adjust the driver settings using PSF-o-Cycle to lower the effects.

Get everything here :
by Eliskuya at 8:38 AM EDT on May 17, 2018
thank you, Square :)

geez I would really like have those streamed tracks right now, but oh well :( thanks again

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by Squaresoft74 at 11:28 PM EST on December 30, 2019
I've updated the set and used another tweaked generic driver with proper reverb depth for all tracks.
It also now works fine on real hardware and Mednafen/BizHawk.
(Mark's driver is currently broken there when any reverb mode is enabled)
Get it here.

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