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by The Monk at 11:55 AM EST on January 20, 2019
Many thanks for the hints, I'll be sure to experiment with Caesar.
by icecream at 11:37 AM EDT on March 10, 2019
I felt this was most appropriate for this thread: I did some digging and there does seem in fact to be an official tool for converting sequences. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately....), no information about it seems to exist anywhere on the net, not even a name; the only reason I even know about it is that I heard it via word of mouth.

If it's anything like the DS's equivalent, then this should allow conversion to .CBNK and .CWAR as well.
caesar source code by icecream at 12:05 AM EDT on March 28, 2019
Thought I'd let everyone (who cares) know: the source code for caesar is now on github:
Assume all binaries available currently are out of date.
by kr3nshaw at 12:16 AM EDT on March 28, 2019
I'm updating the binary every time I make a commit, so hopefully that's not the case.

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