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by a574045075 at 10:01 PM EDT on October 20, 2018
Thank you,hcs

edited 10:01 PM EDT October 20, 2018
by a574045075 at 10:01 PM EDT on October 20, 2018
Does anyone know how to convert this NA_BGM_FIELD.cseq file to MIDI? This file is extracted from oot3d using caesar.I haven't found a tool that can be converted.
by 54634564 at 11:08 PM EDT on October 21, 2018
If you decompile the cseq with the python script I posted on the last page you'll see that it's not a simple music track.
It's checking and setting variables and such. Not really something that can be easily translated to midi.

My script isn't fully decompiling this cseq due to oversight on my part. cba to fix it, tbh. Add "self.labelFromOffset(0, 'loc')" after line 51 as a band-aid.

edited 11:09 PM EDT October 21, 2018
by ultramario1998 at 1:03 AM EST on November 10, 2018
Whoa, thanks so much for this. Works great on KK Slider's songs; I've been looking for tools that could properly convert *cseq > mid for years--suffice it to say the original program didn't do a thing.

A bit off-topic, of course, but my goal is to eventually go backwards (ie have KK sing what I tell him to). I assume the only way to do this is via SDK tools?
by icecream at 2:14 AM EST on November 10, 2018
This wiki page (which is from August 2018 at the earliest) seems to proclaim that such a converter exists, though no link is provided, nor is one publicly available. Aside from that, I'm not aware of any tools that can convert them or are being worked on to convert them, even in the SDK (though to be fair I have no idea what actually is in the SDK, if someone wants to fill in the blanks please do). Even if you had one, unless you like aimless hex editing you can't put it into the game, since there is no (publicly) known way to decompile/edit a BCSAR, something the SDK definitely cannot do. I've looked into it for a bit, but haven't really been sure how to approach it.
by icecream at 10:13 PM EST on November 21, 2018
Slight update: I've looked into what the SDK contains and nothing indicates it has any way of generating CSEQ/CBNK/CWAR.

....which is strange. If the SDK can't create these files, what can?

This tool has experimental BCSAR packing and unpacking code, though I have doubts such a format is a priority for the dude making the tool.
by The Monk at 3:01 AM EST on January 16, 2019
Good day, folks. I'm currently working on a BCSAR extractor. If possible, I would like some pointers on how to go about sequencing 3DS music.
by icecream at 3:15 PM EST on January 16, 2019
What do you mean by that, actually creating the sequence or turning it into a format the 3DS can recognize?
by The Monk at 3:30 AM EST on January 17, 2019
I'm not at all familiar with the music world's jargon, so it might be better if I explained.

I was able to extract a thousand or so of CWAV files from a BCSAR. After converting them to WAV, I found out that they are "pieces" of the actual songs from the game.

If I got this correctly, the CSEQ files, after being converted to MIDI, will allow me to listen to the game music as it was meant to be, especially because there are references to "BGM" inside the BCSAR.

I would like to know how to go about feeding that MIDI and those WAVs to a program, and get some actual music back. My environment is Debian Stretch, but I can fire up Windows 7 if needed.
by icecream at 12:44 PM EST on January 17, 2019
Uh........then you would just use caesar (or anything that can turn the .CBNK and .CWAR into a SoundFont, not that any other program exists for that purpose anyway), load the sequence and SoundFont in your DAW of choice, and play it back.....It's the same as any other format with SoundFonts and sequences really.

I know next to nothing about Debian so I can't help you on that front unfortunately.

edited 12:44 PM EST January 17, 2019

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