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by SmartOne at 1:41 AM EST on March 9, 2019
Well, there's finally a Sonic Mania (PC) without Denuvo:


edited 1:45 AM EST March 9, 2019
by SmartOne at 8:46 PM EDT on March 30, 2019
The latest version of Sonic Mania, 1.06.0503, which finally has Denuvo removed, also makes the AMD bug worse.

We have a regression on our hands, folks.

Although Denuvo is no longer mucking around, consuming CPU, etc., this latest version makes the old INI setting "shaderSupport=n" ineffective. The FMVs are always in color regardless. Regardless.

Absolutely no way to achieve perfect point sampling with AMD, anymore.

(And I tried AMD's custom resolution feature and GPU scaling with image centering. It works, accept vsync enabled in this configuration slows the game to a crawl. Seems like a GPU scaling driver bug. Might as well bite the bullet and stretch to 16:9, at this point.)

edited 9:20 PM EDT March 30, 2019

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