Hyperdimension Neptunia IOS (.KOG) by Mario123311 at 12:33 AM EDT on June 23, 2018

Sent this to both XenTax and ZenHax to no avail. The CAF files I can get playing just fine in seperate programs, and they weren't packaged in the allpacks file. However, I can't seem to find any good way to get said allpacks archive to extract. Aluigi even looked into it and pretty much said he couldn't do anything as it was too confusing.

I'm hoping we can get the contents dumped considering this app in particular was taken off the App Store not too long ago.
by Mario123311 at 10:28 PM EDT on July 5, 2018
Anybody know how to un-encypt this? I know it may seem complex but I'm hoping I can reach out to somebody who understands Compile Heart's format better than I do.
by simonmkwii at 1:20 AM EDT on July 6, 2018
i'll look at it
by simonmkwii at 4:41 AM EDT on July 6, 2018
Unfortunately this is literally impossible to decrypt, the key is stored in the executable, and as iOS executables are encrypted with device-unique keys, there is literally no way to do it.
by Mario123311 at 1:55 PM EDT on July 6, 2018
I'll try uploading the entire App in a bit (considering it was removed from the appstore and was free to download to begin with) if anybody wants to look at it. That is if it's alright to do so here, Somebody suggested running the IPK through a disassembler but IDA pro seems to cost a lot of money.

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