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by bnnm at 7:49 PM EDT on September 28, 2018
umodel's author wasn't very interested so here are some BMS:
- Extract standard assets (ARK .ue4opus in .uasset, Fortnite .ogg in .uexp):
- Extract chunked assets (Fortnite .ue4opus in .uexp+ubulk):

I can't guarantee 100% results so check everything gets reasonably extracted. Particularly, .ue4opus size should be slightly smaller than .uexp+ubulk, but not much smaller. Also pay attention to silent data at the end (=truncated). Worked with all samples I had tho.

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by filament at 12:10 PM EDT on September 30, 2018
The BMS scripts work like a charm, so does the UE4OPUS decoder. Thank you.
by FunGames at 4:44 AM EDT on October 1, 2018
Hello bnnm. I really appreciate your work on the ue4opus decoder. But there is one thing I don't understand in the BMS Script. I only want to write the .ue4opus file without quickbms. I know you get the metadata from the uexp and then the actual data from the Ubulk. The thing I don't understand is where my error is. I at first write the header in an file and then directly after it the whole Ubulk without the many 00 at the end but my file is still like 10000 bytes bigger so I wanted to ask you where in the Ubulk you cut away these bytes I have touch.
I would really appreciate any help

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by bnnm at 1:28 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
I'm not sure I understand what you need, so I'll explain about the format:
- data is divided into chunks, of usable data + 0 padding up to 0x40000
- uexp contains the chunk table *and* the first chunk
- you need to read the chunk table, that tells you the chunk size and usable data size, and extract the usable data (first chunk from uexp, rest from ubulk)
- chunk data in uexp start where the "UE4OPUS" string is (there may be a pointer but it was simpler to find that string)
- chunk table starts at UE4OPUS offset + 0x40000
by marcusss at 5:27 PM EDT on October 1, 2018
@bnnm Thanks for your script. Using the ue4opus script on ARK Survival Evolved [PC] works for the most part, most are 300 or so kbps opus; but some are largein size e.g. 20 or 30mb in size wont play even though the header has ue4opus. I will upload a couple examples. Maybe video? Or opus thats needs further splitting??

Unplayable ue4opus HERE

Almost finished ripping the PC version of ARK.

PC version sounds better tan PS4. Opus sounds far better :

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by FunGames at 9:36 AM EDT on October 2, 2018
Thanks for the explanation. So when I understood it right the first part of the first chunk and the content table is in the uexp. The rest in Ubulk. And then you can't simply write the whole ubulk without the 00 00 at the end because there are to chunks and they have some filling bytes before the second chunk starts?
by marcusss at 10:33 AM EDT on October 3, 2018
@ bnnm

Some of the ue4opus that didn't work seem to be just Ogg Vorbis grouped together such as the manticore boss .ue4opus file I linked to earlier..

So I am guessing the unplayable songs need to be split again since that Manticore song now plays as vorbis

Btw about ue4 games..

I noticed a couple games lately using ue4 such as bards tale 4 are using an unknown or rather a..well hidden music format. It is probably audiokinetic since I can see it mentioned in those 1kb uexp files as well and i saw sequence metioned also.. but.cannot for the life of me locate the music. Even scanning the ubulk files i came up empty...banks are mentioned as well but also cannot locate them. Quite annoying combing through 48gb of exported files but no luck so far... adjusted your script to.scan for otjer strings but no luck either.. hmm

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How i Edit the ue4uops by barmagic803to at 8:43 PM EDT on October 6, 2018
Guys i Want to edit the ue4uops file and relpace him how i do that please help me my discord is Srizo#2310

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