Sly 1 BNK Files by Infomaniac95 at 1:07 AM EDT on July 25, 2018
So for a little while now, I have been trying to decode the music files for Sly 1, with little to no success.

This mostly has to do with the main game have a hidden ToC, and other factors, such as needing working .wal extractors.

But, as luck would have it, the Sly 1 E3 Demo did not hide the files on Disc, so we got access to the WAL and WAC file, which the 2 files allowed for us to decrypt the WAL, and get the files from it.

We got 2 things from doing so, the sound driver the game uses, and the actual music files themselves.

As far as we know, the music format Sly 1 uses has never been cracked. So i'm hoping with this sound driver and music files iv'e provided, someone smart enough out there can reverse engineer the music driver and crack the music files as the result.

There were multiple drivers on the Disc, with 989SND.IRX being the one of interest. Iv'e included the other drivers on the disc, should they be needed.

Enough talk, here is the link: The Sly E3 Music Files and Drivers

Oh, and as a bonus, take this, also ripped from the E3 Demo: Sly 1 Action Trailer

It was the only PSS file on Disc, so I took it, converted the audio to FLAC, and encoded the video to H265 with QTGMC deinterlacing set to placebo.

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