.ADX Encrypted files (type 9) help! by Guilhermex12 at 4:21 PM EDT on September 7, 2018
Hello everyone, i've been trying to change Audio files on a mobile game called Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle.
It use .awb and .acb files, i sucefully extracted then using various tools like Sonic Audio Tools, AWB Unpacker/Repacker and VGToolsBox, got ADX files, they sound distorted and static, then i checked the ADX file on VGMstream (cuz it can play encrypted files on the fly) and have seen the file is a CRI ADX 4-bit ADPCM codec and is encrypted with Type 9 encryption.

So i used Degod (it contains Key codes for some games and Dokkan Battle was on the list), then i decrypted the .adx file using it and played it on Foobar without any distortions or statics.

The problem is, after trying to encrypt the file back and putting it on the game, it sound static and weird... why? Does the tool don't encrypt it correctly? How can i encrypt it again so the game can play the file normally??

Degod can decrypt ADXs file and has a option to encrypt too, but after doing this, when i try to play the new encrypted file on VGMstream, it doesn't play, doesn't show the Codec of the file and nothing, just an error, but on Foobar the new encrypted file sounds static etc (meaning it's encrypted, right?) but after putting the new file on the game it sounds static as the file is wrong encrypted, why??

I also tried using VGAudio, a tool that can encode/decode ADX and it has a option to encrypt the file with Type 9, problem is a don't know the key code for encrypting it :/
If anyone want, i can upload the ADX file.

Sorry for the long post but i tried giving every detail possible lol
And sorry for the bad english too, hope you guys can give me some tips.
by Guilhermex12 at 11:16 AM EDT on September 12, 2018
Edit: Already solved it

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