Last Rites (.DSF, ADPCM) by Corak at 12:29 AM EDT on September 9, 2018
Hi. Trying to decode ADPCM audio format from game Last Rites with GENH. Guessed - it's 22050hz, stereo (0x8 or 0x10 interleaved), starting from 0x800. But still cannot get true decoding method.
Can you help with them?


Mus pack:
by bnnm at 5:24 AM EDT on September 9, 2018
I think it uses some unknown ADPCM codec. It looks somewhat like PSX ADPCM with 0x08 frame size and modified filter/shifts.
Unfortunately I couldn't get it to sound ok, and debugging a packed PC .exe is hard.
by Anterag at 12:04 PM EDT on September 14, 2018
I'm not sure but maybe it's not stereo but 8 channels?

Edit: forget what I said, it's indeed stereo.
Edit 2: seems close to MS IMA ADPCM isn't it?

edited 12:12 PM EDT September 14, 2018

edited 12:29 PM EDT September 14, 2018
by bnnm at 6:44 PM EST on February 18, 2019
Heads up, I've added Last Rites (thanks to daemon1 for figuring out this custom codec)

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