Steel Saviour (2004,shump) (.aaf (Packed), .wav (IMA-ADPCM)) by Corak at 7:37 AM EDT on September 10, 2018
Tried to rip music from game Steel Saviour (2004, scroll-shooter), but there is 2 difficultes:
1. .wav game sounds packed/crypted with some method in resource packs .AAF format. The header or respack "ATQ_AAF"
2. When started game and dumped memory - there is some raw IMA-ADPCM streams, without RIFF/WAVEfmt headers, so it's harder to detect them and add normal headers.
At least need help to detect true header method to add/play with genh


"extra.aaf" file as example from game.
"intro.wav" (ripped music from memory)

edited 7:38 AM EDT September 10, 2018

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