Help: Project Justice in game Voice/SFX rips by TheGoldenChild at 2:30 PM EDT on September 29, 2018
I am trying to extract the sound files from PJ I have only the voices for intros but I wanted the sound effects for in game voices and SFX. The voices for the intros and music are in the Zadx files. But the sound / voice effects for the in game I don't have a clue where they are located. Using AFSexplorer only gives me .bin files that I cannot use when opening the other files.
by Kirishima at 5:46 PM EDT on September 29, 2018
I already made dsf's of them a long time ago:


Some files are already in wav, others you need to convert yourself. Several dsf's are silent, but all the ones that matter do have sound. Compatible with aodsf or kode54's highly theoretical dsf/ssf plugin.

EDIT: Seems I only did the voices. The files the game uses are in dtpk format, so those should be easily convertable.

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by TheGoldenChild at 1:51 AM EDT on September 30, 2018

Hello and thank you for your response! I ran into a slight problem which I fixed. My issue was I dragged and dropped sounds over into foobar instead of opening the files the manual foobar way.

( For those who may ask )
All I did was Open > File > then selected the minidsf.

Thank you very much for this, i've been searching everywhere for the voice / sfx of the game and your post helped a ton! Thanks once again!

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