Streepass Music/ Activity Log by Krisss at 2:10 PM EDT on October 3, 2018
I've been listening in my 3ds to some music like the main theme of streetpass, swapdoodle, swapnote, puzzle swap and activity log. All I have seemed very catchy but at the same time I have questioned that if those apps are only midis like those used by the ds.
Can someone share those files? I would be very grateful

edited 2:12 PM EDT October 3, 2018
by icecream at 6:40 PM EDT on October 3, 2018
Yeah they do use MIDIs; provided you have the original files you can use this tool by kr3nshaw to convert them into MIDIs and soundbanks. Be warned however the program is a bit fiddly due to being an alpha and might crash when you use it.
by Krisss at 3:55 PM EDT on October 13, 2018

Man. I can not do it, my 3ds does not have a cfw to rip the original files

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