Automatic DSP header adder? [The Croods: Prehistoric Party (Wii U)] by Anterag at 8:36 AM EDT on October 28, 2018
Hi! I need help automatically adding the corresponding DSP ADPCM header and the original filename to each headerless (*.raw) audio files.

In the game files, there's a "sound" folder containing all the *.RAW audio files (headerless) with dialogs, sound effects and music.

Each audio file finds his header and his proper filename inside the *.HNK files which can be found in the "hunkfiles" folder.

For instance, headers list start at offset 0xB7FA20 in the "global.hnk" files.

I must say "global.hnk" isn't the only one that stores the header. There are a lot of other HNK files. This one seems to contain what I need: music headers.

The first one is for "4acda574.raw". We can see its original filename "MUS_slower_loop_01.mus" and just before, the header with coefficients. Without these coefficients, I can't create a GENH header in order to play those because it is unsupported DSP. Plus, each file has a different header.

Looking at the headers, music seems to be 32kHz stereo. I don't know about the interleave.

So my question is: is it possible to add the proper header for each RAW files and to rename them into their original name?



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by Anterag at 11:21 AM EDT on October 28, 2018
Ok, so using this script, I was actually able to extract the respective *.RAW individual headers with the original filenames so now it's possible for me to add them to each *.RAW file.

Now here is MUS_slower_loop_01.mus which is 4acda574.raw with the correct DSP ADPCM header: DOWNLOAD

Data starts at 0x9E (header skip value).
The coefficients can be found at offset 0x40 and offset 0x70.
The sample rate is 32000Hz.
The channel number is 2.

I need your help for the interleave, which I can't seem to find.


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by Anterag at 10:46 AM EDT on October 29, 2018
The block size was 0xA000 and I manually added the header for each file. Problem solved.

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