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Super Smash Bros Ultimate soundtrack tags by VGSB at 6:07 PM EST on November 25, 2018
I started a Google spreadsheet that anybody can edit to fill in any missing information:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack tags

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute yet. If anybody knows of any other spreadsheets that are already out there (or rips that have some tags that could be extracted with MP3tag), fill free to merge the information so people don't have to do duplicate work.

My main contribution so far is doing a file name comparison of the previous streams from previous Smash Bros. games to find which songs are new streams.

My hope is for people to eventually create a combined "ultimate" soundtrack compilation of all Smash Bros. soundtracks, giving preference to streams that have higher bitrates and versions of songs that appear in lossless form on official soundtracks. The preferred order would be based on the official sound test order.

My preferred length would just be playing the song all the way through and having a 16 second S-curve fadeout if the song doesn't have a natural ending (which would match the official soundtracks better), but somebody could also create a two loop version as well for those who prefer that.

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by VGSB at 11:41 PM EST on November 28, 2018
The spreadsheet now has titles for every song and a lot of other details I copied from similar spreadsheets. Please see the Credits tab for details and help contribute Aritists/Composers, etc.!
arrangers and m-TAGS added by VGSB at 2:46 PM EST on December 2, 2018
The spreadsheet now has arrangers and m-TAGS added. m-TAGS are a way to tag streamed files without modifying the actual files.
by ifrit05 at 4:32 PM EST on December 2, 2018
Wow, m-TAGS rule!!!! Awesome, thanks so much for the effort!
A slightly strange request by threeblacknoises at 4:42 PM EST on December 3, 2018
Hay all.
I'm already starting work on my own Smash Brothers Ultimate soundtrack that will use my preexisting Smash for Wii U/3DS soundtrack as a launching point, incorporating all the restored content from Brawl and Melee and pulling in higher quality sources from original games and only using the streems from Ultimate where no other solutions exist.
I already have all the Street Fighter 2 and Monster Hunter music taken care of and one new song from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is done as well.
My odd request is to see if someone could kindly export all the data from the google sheet into a tex file and post it somewhere.
You see, I'm blind, and my screen reading software isn't wanting to play nice with google sheets at all.
I never posted my smash wii u soundtrack anywhere because someone else beat me to it, but even if I never do, I'd still like acurit tags, and this seems like the place to get them.
Thanks for reading.
by VGSB at 9:15 PM EST on December 5, 2018
Here you go threeblacknoises, the current spreadsheet in text file format (hopefully after following the link, your software can find the Download button with "Download" in hovertext):

There's a lot of columns, so if you have worked with a spreadsheet program that does work well with screen readers, you might want to copy and paste its contents into it to allow you to more easily navigate the information.

And here's a link to a Google Drive folder that people can upload new text file copies for you as the information progresses (especially after the game is available for confirmation of tags):

If you try the Google sheet version again, see if your software can click the "Songs" tab to get to the information that is updated in realtime.

Like you, I also want an Ultimate soundtrack version that incorporates rips of any non-remix songs from previous official soundtracks in lossless format. Good luck!

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A heartfelt thank you! by threeblacknoises at 9:55 AM EST on December 6, 2018
That link really helped out a lot.
Unfortunately I can't navigate to the songs tab on the actual spreadsheet to check it in realtime, but I; finally; figured out how to make google sheets export the entire thing as zipped html.
I can't really do much to show my thanks at this vary moment, though I feel the need to point out that the song Great sea/file select wasn't cut from the game, so maybe someone can correct that?
I've already pulled in all the stuff from Brawl and Melee; correcting for volume differences and such.
Now excuse me while I dig through your; rather busy; text file to pull out what I need...
Must emulate smash 64 to...

You're welcome threeblacknoises! by VGSB at 4:51 PM EST on December 6, 2018
I'm glad what I did could help in your efforts, sounds very promising!

The only Great Sea I see in the Cut Songs tab is the original one that wasn't remixed at all. Maybe somebody already deleted that entry from the tab?

What is your process for correcting for volume differences and what is your process for discerning the adjustments that should be made? I remember being surprised to learn that Brawl actually plays the streams at different volumes based on config values within the games, sort of like a ReplayGain approach. To my untrained ear, the Brawl songs at full volume didn't sound wildly different in volume from one to the next, but makes me wonder if that is something to investigate as well for 3DS, Wii U, and Ultimate.
Answers to your question... plus more by threeblacknoises at 3:48 PM EST on December 7, 2018
Regarding the Great sea song, it's possible someone already removed the remixed version from the tab, as the entry for cut songs might have been slightly out-of-date.

Regarding volume and such:
I used Ultimate and Wii U as a base for volume comparisons.
Basically, I find the songs in Wii U or Ultimate and use that volume level as a starting point, then find the same songs in Brawl or Melee and adjust accordingly.
After I find what the ratio is, I use that for all songs I import; EG Brawl's songs are boosted to 50 percent, while Melee's are boosted by 70 percent.
The only exception so far is the English version of Mike's song that needed a 60 percent boost as it's just a bit lower than the Japanese version.
Most of what I have pulled in so far is just my cannibalized 3ds/Wii U soundtrack, but I didn't change any of the volumes in that, as; to me at least; they don't sound any different than they do in game.
The street fighter stuff came from the hyper SF2 and Alpha anthology collections.
I'll be pulling most of the Super Mario Odyssey music straight from the game files; removing the extra unneeded channels before mastering the tracks.
"Brake Free (Lead the Way)" will come from my own legal coppy of the Odyssey Ost.
Speaking of songs coppied directly from OSTs and others that just repeat a song as if it were on a CD player, I only play those songs once and don't let them loop at all.
If you have any other questions, please, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer them.
That sounds great! by VGSB at 5:44 PM EST on December 10, 2018
threeblacknoises, not having the loops when there is a natural ending for the song is exactly how I'd approach it too, and best reflects how the official Smash Wii U / 3DS soundtrack was handled (a few songs have natural endings). You might have noticed a column for "Better Quality Version Available On" that is intended for that purpose but is pretty empty right now. I also added a column for the official length of each song in Ultimate's sound test, which is what I would recommend using for the length of each track for tracks that don't have natural ends.

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