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Regarding link versions... more by threeblacknoises at 4:56 AM EST on December 11, 2018
I'm vary slowly going through your text dump and getting wrid of everything that's already done due to my cannibalism of my previous smash soundtracks.
Due to this, I'm afraid your request for single loop versions won't be met right away, as all my soundtracks loop twice with a 15 second or so fade.
The only exceptions to this are Yoshi's Island Melee and Pokémon Stadium Melee as they loop for a vary long time otherwise.
The street fighter songs only loop once per smash looping lenth, but that's two loops of each song normally.
Also, regarding sound test lengths; it's a Namco sound test, and songs in those don't always play all the way through; see escape from the city in smash 4 as an example.
I noticed that on your spreadsheet, it lists the link versions as unknown variants.
I can clear this up.
You see, like the smash 4 menu 1 and ultimate menu 1 songs, the link variants sport different headers that allow for the song to start at logical points; usually on a particular down beat of a song.
The Mario songs with this link suffix are used on the super Mario maker stage to make the transition between songs mostly seemless.
Aside from this difference, they are the exact same songs as the nonlinked variants.
Hope that can help out somewhat.

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by VGSB at 5:38 PM EST on December 11, 2018
Thank you for the details on the link versions.

The latest live spreadsheet has a mostly accurate song title listing (I just found a minor mistake in Star Fox main theme title formatting, so still some minor inconsistencies could still need to be caught). The song order should also be pretty stable now for everything in the sound test. We even have the song length for every song now, which could be used for reference when creating the alternate stream.

I checked Escape from the City in the Ultimate sound test, for this game has all of the stream featured except some of it is in the fadeout but it is done tastefully like an actual classic rock song might be done. But in that case, I imagine there is a non-fadeout OST version that could be used instead with an actual ending.
by DaggerMouth at 6:48 AM EST on December 14, 2018
Thanks for the hard work! I saw the full list of files and was immediately daunted by the task of manually renaming all of the tracks - this is really useful. I do have some questions though. Are the volumes based on in-game categories? What is "Miscellaneous"?

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by VGSB at 2:37 PM EST on December 20, 2018
The "Album" column matches exactly the in-game categories in the Music section for Album # 1-32. Anything beyond that isn't in Ultimate's Sound test, so they are just classifications I made to help categorize the remaining files.

Miscellaneous is for audio files that I don't have a particular category for at this time, most of the songs in that category are segments of other songs that do appear in Music.
Regarding filters by threeblacknoises at 6:02 AM EST on December 23, 2018
Hay VGSB, I just got a switch to play my coppy of Ultimate on, so I was messing around with the google sheet and found a setting in the view menu to supposedly filter out parts of the sheet.
However, when I exported it using the tsv option under file download as, I still got the entire sheet.
My question is, is their a way to export just the songs new to ultimate, or is that something your going to have to do on your end.
Hopefully it something I can do, because I've already asked for a lot and not been able to give back hardly any yet...
All these new columns you've added make the process even more daunting than it already was...
Well, today's sunday, so; from what I've read online, the ingame shop is supposedly having a sale so music should bee cheaper...
Later! And Marry Christmas!
how to export filtered views by VGSB at 11:13 AM EST on January 17, 2019
Hi threeblacknoises, to export a filtered Google Sheet as tab separated text, you'll need to first select a filter view, then select the entire spreadsheet, then select Edit > Copy, then paste into a text editor.

To select all cells in Google Sheets, you can either:
Option 1: Press Ctrl+A on the sheet.
Option 2: Click the space that is just above the row numbers and to the left of the column letters.

I'm sorry that the number of columns makes using it so tricky. I hope you had a good Christmas!

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It's done! by threeblacknoises at 5:37 PM EST on January 21, 2019
I had a vary good Christmas thankyou!
The soundtrack is done, at least for the base game.
Total runtime as of now is; get ready for it... 58 hours, 22 minutes, and a hand full of seconds.
I also included the full versions of some songs like dk rap.
I also have somewhat higher quality versons of lifelight and the piano solo at the end of adventure mode thanks to the audio from video files.
I also have the opening version of lifelight in both languages thanks to the same files.
Now, I just need someplace to put this, if anyone even wants it...

by VGSB at 10:54 AM EST on January 26, 2019
threeblacknoises, I would be interested in your rip if you find somewhere to upload it! :) Based on the duration, it seems you used two loops per song, which is too long for my tastes but I know others prefer that. I'd be interested in knowing which OSTs you used for natural endings for some songs, as well as where you got the slightly higher quality version of the piano solo.
Regarding song sources by threeblacknoises at 7:45 PM EST on January 26, 2019
Hay VGSB, the natural endings to songs came from the game files themselves.
If the song loops in Ultimate it does on the soundtrack as well, so songs like "Fistbump" and "Escape from the city" loop just like they do in Ultimate.
Also; in most cases, if the soundtest version of a song that ends doesn't loop, that holds true as well.
The only exceptions are the Brawl and Melee main themes as the soundtest cuts off Brawl to early and I couldn't find a way to mix the Melee opening from the original game with the new ultimate version without things sounding weird.
I tried to find a higher quality version of "Ring A Ding" but that particular song appears to be a custom mixdown for Ultimate as it swops out the second verse for the english vocals.
Also I had to use the ultimate version of garage from tank troopers because the original file wouldn't play at all.
The main theme from peacewalker is different enough in Ultimate where I couldn't use any other version of it.
Two files from mario sports superstars are the ultimate version as the original files had a vary low sample rate; almost as bad as smash for 3ds.
The higher quality version of the piano solo is mostly taken from the ending of world of light except for the first ten seconds or so taken from the game music file because it doesn't exist anywhere else.
The higher quality versions of "lifelight" and "life's light" are mostly taken from the world of light ending except for about four seconds taken from the website version.
The opening versions are mainly the opening movie with the last part swopped out for the ending from world of light to remove the logo sound effect.
by VGSB at 4:37 PM EST on January 27, 2019
Sounds great threeblacknoises, have you looked for places you could upload like MEGA, Google Drive, or something else?

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