Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule (PS1) doesn't extract .VB by MagastemBR at 9:14 PM EST on November 25, 2018
I've looked into the game with jPSXdec, extracted one .xa music, but the rest is all in a .DAT file.

Ran it through VGMToolbox on PSF Data Finder and it only extracted .SEQ and .VH

VGMTrans also shows the same result. There are 32 files for each of them. However, each .VH only shows 1 sample.

If you want to take a look:

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by Squaresoft74 at 2:02 AM EST on November 26, 2018
I gave a look and could get something working but had to get the .vb files from a ram dump.

Raw .vb files contain extra interleaved data so that can explain why VGMToolbox fails to extract them.

If someone want to give a look at Bgm01 files you can get them from here:

Is there a soundtest for that game ?

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by MagastemBR at 7:49 AM EST on November 26, 2018
Wow I can't believe you managed to do it. How did you do the ram dump? And what do you mean by sound test?

Sorry if I'm sounding amateur, it's my first time ripping from the PS1.
by Squaresoft74 at 1:16 PM EST on November 26, 2018
""How did you do the ram dump?""
I ran the game with an emulator and made a save state when a music was playing.
Then i ripped the .vb file from the save state itself.

""And what do you mean by sound test? ""
Is there a mode (maybe unlockable ?) in the game that allows to play all musics ?

There are only 3 unique vabs used for all Bgm

Bgm01 to Bgm24, Bgm28, Bgm30-Bgm35 (you have that one already)
Bgm25, Bgm26, Bgm27

So having a sound test would allow me to quickly dump the other 2 ones wihtout having to play the game.

by MagastemBR at 3:38 PM EST on November 26, 2018
Not that I'm aware :/

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