Metal Arms Compiler by an0nymoose at 11:04 AM EST on December 26, 2018
I got the compiler from one of the devs. He says the compression trip was one way, but the link to this tool is what was used to compress the .mst archive, which contains textures, models, and essentially scripting for the entire game. I don't know anything about reverse engineering compression formats so I'm just gonna plop this somewhere it'll be useful.!L05TCYBA!S6bXM7M-1X06odJ4-yEVPI7d-NRy_LD2qkj5m1Vgpm4
by Missingno_force at 4:12 PM EST on December 26, 2018
it really is christmas lol.
thats an awesome find! ill have a look to try and get something put together for unpacking the archives (was on my way too long to do list anyway)
pasm.exe complained about wanting binkw32.dll
im pretty sure that bink can be had for free from RAD tools, else grab the file from a game which uses bink (e.g. trackmania) and place it next to the executables. i have not checked further

edited 10:16 PM EST December 26, 2018
Binkw32.dll by an0nymoose at 11:02 AM EST on December 27, 2018
Yeah it wants a version of binkw32. The one I use is from redalert. I linked to it in the discord for the forum. Also made a post there.

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