Dragon Ball Final Bout PSX- question about sequences by amariz at 6:33 PM EST on December 31, 2018
Hello all.
Cheers for this new year.
Asking here for help, I hope not being bothersome.

I'm trying to rip music for this game DBGT Final Bout.

What I observed:

I have found \TITLE\VABDATA.BIN to be instruments file, a big VAB (VAG?).
But I did not find .SEQ data on any files.
File \TITLE\OPENBG.BIN may contain sequences but I do not understand this format (Psdp).
Exploring the files from the cd, I have found:
.STR has VAG+video stream (exportable to XA) or just VAG samples collection;
.DAT contains voice samples;
.BIN are binary, graphics or some VAG data not in the others.

What I found:

\BATTLE\BTWINV.DAT        = [VAB] win phrases, 3 per character
\BATTLE\DEMOXA01.STR        .\
\BATTLE\DEMOXA02.STR        .= [XA] special move's phrases (16+16+4 tracks)
\BATTLE\DEMOXA03.STR        ./
\BATTLE\FINISH.STR        = [XA] meteor smash finisher lines, 1 per character (18 tracks)
\MENU\STEP00.BIN        .
\MENU\STEP01.BIN        .\
\MENU\STEP02.BIN        .= [???] graphic files; 1 per screen (???)
\MENU\STEP03.BIN        . |
\MENU\STEP40.BIN        .
\MENU\STEP999.BIN        ./
\TITLE\BTCHARA.DAT        = [VAB] sfx + voices fx inbattle (260 tracks)
\TITLE\CHARSEL.BIN        = [VAB] voices at character selection (110 tracks)
\TITLE\HAIKEI.DAT        psdp        41 samples
\TITLE\OPENBG.BIN        psdp        18 samples        <--- I believe music sequence is here!
\TITLE\OPENETC.BIN        psdp        16 samples        <--/
\TITLE\OPENING.STR        = [STR] opening video
\TITLE\TENKAWIN.BIN        = [VAB] win phrases at tenkai, 17 for characters + 2 crowd cheers
\TITLE\VABDATA.BIN        = [VAB] instruments + sound fx (28 samples)

sequence number: (from the sound test [L1+L2+R1+R2 at title screen])
00= (xa) outro.1 (instr.)
01= (xa) outro.2 (instr.)    : from "OPENING.STR    "
02= (xa) outro.3 (instr.)
03= gt goku
04= pan
05= gt l.goku
06= trunks
07= ss2 vegeta
08= ss1 goku
09= m gohan
10= cell
11= buu                : I believe sequences are stored in "OPENBG.BIN"
12= freeza
13= piccolo
14= ssgt goku
15= trunks z.ss
16= ss1 vejito
17= ss4 goku
18= ssgt l.goju
19= ss1 trunks
20= baby
21= meteor.smash 1
22= meteor.smash 2
23= meteor.smash 3
24= meteor.smash 4
25= meteor.smash 5
26= meteor.smash 6
27= select character
28= tenkai winner
29= title screen
30= baby intro

I believe \TITLE\OPENBG.BIN and \TITLE\OPENETC.BIN have the sequences in that unknown format.
I tried Eternal SPU Plugin v1.44 in psx emulator to save .spu data from the sound test screen, hoping that it would lead me to something.
Here are 2 .spu files I created with that plugin, for the same music track (seq.#=03):
1 run, 2 runs or looped once.

I opened .spu file in hex editor. The arrangement of the data makes me believe that this .spu format file created by Eternal plugin is some form of SEQ, so I hope this could be converted to a .SEQ file together with its .VH header.
If that would be the case, how do I convert these .spu files to SEQ/VAB ??

Thank you for your atention.

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Proofreading is a little bad on my side, forgive me please

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by lohweo at 9:25 AM EST on January 5, 2019
Could anyone help? I am really interested in those SEQ and VAB files too =)

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