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Dragon Ball Final Bout PSX- question about sequences by amariz at 6:33 PM EST on December 31, 2018
Hello all.
Cheers for this new year.
Asking here for help, I hope not being bothersome.

I'm trying to rip music for this game DBGT Final Bout.

What I observed:

I have found \TITLE\VABDATA.BIN to be instruments file, a big VAB (VAG?).
But I did not find .SEQ data on any files.
File \TITLE\OPENBG.BIN may contain sequences but I do not understand this format (Psdp).
Exploring the files from the cd, I have found:
.STR has VAG+video stream (exportable to XA) or just VAG samples collection;
.DAT contains voice samples;
.BIN are binary, graphics or some VAG data not in the others.

What I found:

\BATTLE\BTWINV.DAT        = [VAB] win phrases, 3 per character
\BATTLE\DEMOXA01.STR        .\
\BATTLE\DEMOXA02.STR        .= [XA] special move's phrases (16+16+4 tracks)
\BATTLE\DEMOXA03.STR        ./
\BATTLE\FINISH.STR        = [XA] meteor smash finisher lines, 1 per character (18 tracks)
\MENU\STEP00.BIN        .
\MENU\STEP01.BIN        .\
\MENU\STEP02.BIN        .= [???] graphic files; 1 per screen (???)
\MENU\STEP03.BIN        . |
\MENU\STEP40.BIN        .
\MENU\STEP999.BIN        ./
\TITLE\BTCHARA.DAT        = [VAB] sfx + voices fx inbattle (260 tracks)
\TITLE\CHARSEL.BIN        = [VAB] voices at character selection (110 tracks)
\TITLE\HAIKEI.DAT        psdp        41 samples
\TITLE\OPENBG.BIN        psdp        18 samples        <--- I believe music sequence is here!
\TITLE\OPENETC.BIN        psdp        16 samples        <--/
\TITLE\OPENING.STR        = [STR] opening video
\TITLE\TENKAWIN.BIN        = [VAB] win phrases at tenkai, 17 for characters + 2 crowd cheers
\TITLE\VABDATA.BIN        = [VAB] instruments + sound fx (28 samples)

sequence number: (from the sound test [L1+L2+R1+R2 at title screen])
00= (xa) outro.1 (instr.)
01= (xa) outro.2 (instr.)    : from "OPENING.STR    "
02= (xa) outro.3 (instr.)
03= gt goku
04= pan
05= gt l.goku
06= trunks
07= ss2 vegeta
08= ss1 goku
09= m gohan
10= cell
11= buu                : I believe sequences are stored in "OPENBG.BIN"
12= freeza
13= piccolo
14= ssgt goku
15= trunks
16= ss1 vejito
17= ss4 goku
18= ssgt l.goju
19= ss1 trunks
20= baby
21= meteor.smash 1
22= meteor.smash 2
23= meteor.smash 3
24= meteor.smash 4
25= meteor.smash 5
26= meteor.smash 6
27= select character
28= tenkai winner
29= title screen
30= baby intro

I believe \TITLE\OPENBG.BIN and \TITLE\OPENETC.BIN have the sequences in that unknown format.
I tried Eternal SPU Plugin v1.44 in psx emulator to save .spu data from the sound test screen, hoping that it would lead me to something.
Here are 2 .spu files I created with that plugin, for the same music track (seq.#=03):
1 run, 2 runs or looped once.

I opened .spu file in hex editor. The arrangement of the data makes me believe that this .spu format file created by Eternal plugin is some form of SEQ, so I hope this could be converted to a .SEQ file together with its .VH header.
If that would be the case, how do I convert these .spu files to SEQ/VAB ??

Thank you for your atention.

edited 6:34 PM EST December 31, 2018

Proofreading is a little bad on my side, forgive me please

edited 6:40 PM EST December 31, 2018
by lohweo at 9:25 AM EST on January 5, 2019
Could anyone help? I am really interested in those SEQ and VAB files too =)
by Squaresoft74 at 1:00 PM EST on February 26, 2019
I gave it a look :

- Sequences are compressed AND custom.

Based on sound test menu:

Raw Bgm03 to Bgm20 are found in BTCHARA.DAT
Raw Bgm30 is in found in OPENETC.BIN

They are loaded in main ram at 0x80035298 and uncompressed to 0x801EC000.

I couldn't find Bgm21 to Bgm29 yet.

- Vab Header is custom and is found in main executable SLPS_009.49 at 0x0001C3B0

All tracks seem to use the same vab body.

It will require ripping the original driver which is beyond me, sorry.

by Squaresoft74 at 6:55 PM EST on February 28, 2019
Ok i found the previously missing Bgm-21 to Bgm-29 sequences.
Here's everything for anyone willing to give it a look:

*.psdp files are compressed sequences and were ripped from files on disc.

*.seq files are uncompressed sequences and were either ripped from files on disc (Bgm-21 to Bgm-29) or ram dump (Bgm-03 to Bgm-20 and Bgm-30) as soon as unpacked to 0x801EC000 and before playback initialization.

I used Dragon Ball - Final Bout (Japan) (Rev 1)

I'm not entirely sure if i have extracted the vab header (Bgm.vh) properly.
It may contain extra useless data at the end.
by lohweo at 7:42 AM EST on March 2, 2019
So someone just has to extract the Midi and DLS files from those files, am I correct? Could someone do this?
by Squaresoft74 at 9:30 AM EST on March 2, 2019
Well someone could try to:

- Figure out the .psdp compression.
- Figure out the .seq and .vh format so it could be added to conversion tools such as VGMTrans.

Just to make sure i got the uncompressed sequences properly extracted, i've re-injected them to some save states and they all seem to play fine:

Load the game then one of the save state using BizHawk (i'm using 2.3.1 x64 btw).
by lohweo at 7:59 PM EST on March 2, 2019
I tried using VGMTrans in the files, but only the VB file gives me some samples, so sadly no MIDIs or DLS files. If someone with this proficency could extract those type of files, it would be amazing.
I always wanted to work on this soundtrack
@AceK by DCX at 10:17 AM EST on March 4, 2019
I remember having ripped the soundtrack test from the epsxe output haha, the official soundtrack is nice too.

Good luck on this!
by lohweo at 11:24 AM EST on March 4, 2019
Yeah, the soundtrack is good but I really need MIDI in order to work on it =D I really hope someone could help!
by tifaff at 1:43 AM EDT on September 29, 2019

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