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by icecream at 9:37 PM EST on January 31, 2019
So the whole "it's streamed" shtick was false? Interesting....I wonder why it propogated then.
by NoWool at 10:42 AM EST on February 1, 2019
I guess people read the doc included with the rip and just took it at face value?
It claims that "Bank conflicted" tracks are not included but "they're actually playable through certain hacks i've created but it's really not stable so i won't put the mentioned tracks on the set".
I have no idea what a "bank conflict" means, I assume it's BGMs that use the same WD (bank)? But then why would tracks like that exist on the current rip (destati part 1 and 2 for example)?
I think the "hacks" are just simply changing the ID's in the header of the BGM/WD and renaming them appropriately. I can't see how this would be unstable, as this is done for every song in the KH1/2 rip. That's strange, I wonder why that is?
Well, the first thing that is loaded by HE is the psf2.ini file. This just lists off modules and sometimes there are parameters for them. One of the modules listed in Square sets is "ffxi.irx". For every Square PSF2 rip I've seen so far it will be followed by "200". This is basically telling the driver to load music200.bgm (I believe it also checks 0x04 for "0xC8" (200)). The kicker here is that it does not attempt to load a WD with the name "wave0200" or header ID of 0xC8. In fact, the psf2.ini is ignored at this point as it uses the ID tag in the BGM's header to find the associated bank data (WD), in fact it doesn't even check the WD's header at all, it just checks for the correct file name ("wave0###").
So basically, you don't need to lay a finger on the BGM/WD data. In fact, touching the WD's data was unnecessary from the start!

In all seriousness, I mean no ill will towards the original rippers. I just thought it'd be a bit of fun to overanalyze their closing statements on their rip.

edited 10:54 AM EST February 1, 2019
by lohweo at 2:28 PM EST on February 1, 2019
Thank you very much! The download you provided had all the songs I looke for =)

I can figure out the instruments, that aren't working correctly by ear
by Eliskuya at 12:17 AM EST on February 3, 2019
so, the PSF2 is complete right?. I always wanted what kind of profile do you use to make music turn into PSF and PSF2 too :( oh well I'll find out, good luck with the new music

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