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by icecream at 2:52 PM EDT on April 12, 2019 there are more systems that do that. I don't want to derail the topic too much, but I suppose I could mention that the DS and GBA also seem to have similar problems in which it doesn't automatically sync the MIDI data back to what it was originally at the loop start. Like, the Modulation CC could be at 0 at the loop start, but if the last value before it loops back is like 32 or hell anything that's not 0, then it won't change and stay 32 at the loop start. The simple workaround is to place those events at the exact moment the loop start flag is, or change the values right before the song loops (if it's done too early it might be noticeable), but that's annoying to do, especially in Fruity Loops in which you can't superimpose MIDI events or place an event for a current value if there already is a event there that gives the controller that current value (so if you had an event change to have the Volume CC be 96 five bars before the loop start, then you can't set another Volume CC to 96 event on the loop start unless you change it in the space between the first event and the loop start).

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