Release: BMS / JAudio player by Xayrga at 4:38 AM EST on January 13, 2019

I finally got this into a working state, so here you go.

Source code is available here

a video of a slightly older version of it in action is here
by thecoreyburton at 12:22 AM EST on January 26, 2019
This is very exciting news! Sorry I didn't see this sooner, but I don't check this board nearly as often as I should.

I had a look at it and listened a number of sequences, and whilst there were a few that either didn't play (or stopped mid-way), for the most part it functions well.

I'm interested to see where this project ends up, but right now I feel like a kid on Christmas. Thanks for all the hard work, double-so for the simplicity of the tool.

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