SGT Format - Could This be added to VGMSTREAM? Some kind of MIDI by zeaofsuos at 5:08 PM EST on January 25, 2019
So Some older games use SGT format as their audio for example midnight club 2, prisoner of war. Is it possible to add support for this to vgmstream? I will include some samples to take a look at.

Day1_sgt -

GUI_sgt -

fe_hard_01_sgt -

fe_hard_02_sgt -

fe_hard_04_sgt -

fe_hard_03_sgt -

waves_sgt -


2nd file:

3rd file:

4th file:

5th file:

6th file:

7th file:

EDIT: These are the DLS Files soundfonts, the instruments for the midi files of the game.

fe_hard_dls -
club_dls -
Mission2_dls -
Stalag1Path_aud -
Mission2_dls -
Mission3_dls -
Mission2_dls -
Mission5_dls -
Stalag1_spt -

All these new files scanned into one for ease:

edited 5:32 PM EST January 25, 2019

edited 5:33 PM EST January 25, 2019

edited 5:34 PM EST January 25, 2019
by Ultrafighter at 2:12 PM EST on January 26, 2019
VGMstream is all about streamed audio formats, not sequenced ones so it's highly dubious that SGTs or STYs, MIDs or 2SFs will ever be added to that plugin.

As for the means to play or convert SGTs or STYs: you can try googling "SGT to MID" or something, I heard there's such a tool or even numerous programs designed to make MIDs out of given SGTs or STYs.

SGT Format by zeaofsuos at 6:45 PM EST on January 26, 2019
I will take a look and see if I can find anything. Cheers.
by Ultrafighter at 5:58 AM EST on January 27, 2019
Ask here if you've got an account, it's #general channel in CHAT section where I stumbled upon that message (I don't remember what users discussed that though).
by zeaofsuos at 12:21 PM EST on January 28, 2019
UltraFighter It seems I was late and that invite has expired. Can you resend it? Thanks.
General Chat by zeaofsuos at 12:48 PM EST on January 28, 2019
It's fine, I got inside the group but I can't find the messages that were discussed.
by Ultrafighter at 4:28 AM EST on February 1, 2019
Try this then, maybe it'll work but it's not a very convenient prog after all: it seems to loop some files forever so that you'll have to launch playback of some tracks manually.
Best regards!
by zeaofsuos at 8:23 PM EST on February 3, 2019
It works nicely the only problem is still that they can't be extracted or converted to another format like say FLAC but that's probably something to do with SGT being a sequenced format and not streamed. Where did you find that SgtPlay.exe? Seems to be partly in Russian from what I can gather. Cheers.
by Ultrafighter at 2:15 AM EST on February 4, 2019
It was included in some gamerips by Alpha23, some of those are even mirrored here: example #1 or example #2.
See you!

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