Two songs in .miniusf by Scar557 at 9:30 PM EST on January 25, 2019

I'm having a bit of trouble on a .miniusf from Pokémon Stadium 2, i'm maybe wrong, but i'm entirely sure that there is two songs from this single .miniusf, as there is no loading screen between both, and the partitions are the same, like, if FLStudio would have been playing correctly those .midi files, i could create both songs from the same files.

And before ya'all scream to me, yes, i verified every .midis from the game files, and there is only a single one that sounds the same as the one i'm looking for, which makes me really wonder if there is two songs in the same file.

Lemme explain :

When the N64 would play the midi, it would cut like 2-3 tracks of the song, and when you get to the other screen, it would cut 2-3 others tracks of the song while restoring the 2-3 ones from before, and vice-versa.

For anyone who wants to know, it's the Elite 4 variant from the Johto Castle theme.

So i wanted ot know, how could i trick Foobar2000 to play the other song from the .miniusf ... ?

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