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by Excalibur624 at 7:31 PM EST on March 1, 2019
So apparently in the soundfont, the PSG is set to Patch 128. GM1 (General Midi 1) players only support up to Patches 1-127. GM2 MIDI players do support up to 128 however. So stuff like CoolMidiSynth won't work with the PSG, but others like FL Studio will.

I will work on rearranging the PSG Patch number, and the MIDI channels that play the actual PSG, so both GM1 and GM2 will be fully supported.

This doesn't apply to the DLS. Also the rest of the soundfont (besides the PSG) is obviously supported in GM1 players

edited 7:33 PM EST March 1, 2019
BIG UPDATE by Excalibur624 at 8:43 PM EST on March 9, 2019
HUGE UPDATE: Please come to this thread instead, it provides the completely fixed Soundfont & MODIFIED Midis pack:

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