Usf - Javascript player by perfectdams at 5:21 AM EST on February 8, 2019

I'm looking for a javascript USF player to put music on my website. Do you know if one is existing ?


edited 5:30 AM EST February 8, 2019
by perfectdams at 4:39 AM EST on February 17, 2019

Is somebody have an idea ?

I'm a French website editor and i like to put music on my website when people click on it. The original musics are much better than remake. For exemple, music of palace in Zelda 2, clicking on the music note :
by hcs at 5:00 PM EST on February 17, 2019
You should probably just embed the pre-recorded audio as Ogg Vorbis or MP3, I don't know of any effort to run USF in a browser.
by perfectdams at 6:09 AM EST on February 18, 2019
In fact, mp3 is generally quite heavier in Octets and that's why i prefer to put USF directly in Browser. I can't do this job, that's why i ask. Maybe one day somebody will do the Job. For exemple, 1 Mo 200 for all the musics of Super Mario 64. I have to begin my Super Mario 64 walkthrough : . I begin with mid and will see.

Thank you for the answer.

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