Digimon World 3 Files by DreamsVibe at 7:10 AM EST on February 10, 2019
Hi there, I've been on a quest to find certain songs and sounds from the Digimon World 3 audio files. I have everything available except for four specific ones. These are Annihilation (Game Over), Trouble, Battle Encounter Sound, and Victory! I'm specifically trying to gather the audio in lossless format as the end result, the rest of my files are in FLAC for DW3.

People from this thread three years ago were talking about similar stuff and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten any more info since then?

by testie1 at 10:02 PM EDT on March 15, 2019
Seeing as this hasn't gotten any replies, your best bet is recording the sounds from the game. I figure you're only interested in having a streamed copy (FLAC) of the music, and not necessarily the source file, so recording might be the easiest way out.

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