Help with ripping 64dd soundfonts by TheKnewGreg at 10:04 AM EST on February 20, 2019
Recently I was looking for the soundfont for Mario Artist/Talent Studio. However, I can only seem to find dead links. I found a thread on the forums that had a link to the soundfont itself, but the link was dead. Another thread had a patch for the soundbanktool that added support for 64dd disks, but that link was broken too.
I had asked in other places, and the answer I got was to use the soundbanktool from GitHub. However, not only does the version from GitHub not have 64dd support, but loading the ipl4rom crashes the program immediately.
So I was wondering if anyone had an updated link/ copy of either the Mario Artist Studio soundfont or a patch I could use to get the soundfont myself?
by skx at 3:23 AM EDT on April 2, 2019
Bumping this thread. I've had the same issues getting a version of soundbanktool running that will rip the sounds from the 64DD IPL ROM. Thanks!

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